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Best Strategies that are helpful for future of HR

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Human resources management are making major changes in several industries. A lot of things are happening in this space. Mostly, as the technology is evolving several functions of human resources, it is highly transforming the way human resources operate. Subsequently, one can see the future of work clearer. For example, it is becoming a norm. However, for leaders, it is imperative to recognize those types of trends and prepare themselves for the future of work.  

Future of HR plays an essential role in the transformation of several aspects. Thus, HR leaders these leaders and CHROs will be held accountable for more than they currently are. According to Sage’s Changing face of HR report, 82 percent of them predict their roles will be unrecognizable in the next 10 years. Mostly because technology is altering the way the process of work happens across various industries.

In this article, let’s understand the top strategies that are helpful to prepare for the future of human resource management.

· Build the AI ethics path

AI is very helpful in several ways. It is estimated that over 75 percent of firms are investing in analytics. As per the Sage report, major human resources work will be done by automation and AI in the future.

Cognitively in-demand tasks like decision making and problem-solving will be performed by AI-powered devices. However, the question of what type of data must be picked for performing these tasks will be completely based on the decision of HR.

Brian Kropp, Vice President of research at Gartner, says, “There’ll be more moral and responsible decisions that are going to occur. HR leaders will have a new job in the future of work, apart from the jobs they already have. And that job is to be the ethical steward of the organization in an AI-improved and embraced the world.” 

· Develop employee skill development

About 73 percent of CHROs cite employee skill development as a priority in the coming years. As per Sage’s Changing Workforce report, managerial tasks will get automated, so it’s upon every professional to recognize and equip employees with relevant skillset. One can gain this by doing best HR certificates to prepare for the future.

It is very essential for human resource management leaders to have enough knowledge about the technology is influencing the manager’s role. If they continue to use the same traditional way of learning and development strategies, it will be very tough to develop the workforce they are in need of. 

· Design an internal transparency

In the current world transparency has been given a major priority in the industry. An individual person’s decision to join an enterprise is dependent on various factors such as compensation and benefits, growth and development opportunities. The rises of platforms such as Glassdoor, Ambition Box, Payscale, which provide the insights as well as information about the employee reviews prove the requirement for transparency. 

A few firms like Salesforce are leading transparency initiatives. At Salesforce, professionals can easily have a look at the employee feedback about their managers, human resources team and gain the inputs about the views of employees, even think before joining the firm. In the mere future, the transparency will be extremely necessary to attract top talent. 

· Change the role of managers

Managerial role is highly getting automated. Most of the tasks that they do on day-to-day basis like creating reports, feedback, etc. are being automated. In the light of this revelation, best HR certificates to prepare for the future offer the manager’s role in a new light that will provide new responsibilities and can be assigned to their role and design a better career path for them. 


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