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The Best Settings Optimisation Guide for PUBGM

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Despite being a 5-year-old game first released in 2018, PUBGM is still one of the best battle royale games. It is still popular and enjoyable, thanks to frequent updates and events that keep the community active and alive.

In this article, we will discuss how to optimize PUBG Mobile on your Android or iOS device to have the best gameplay experience possible without experiencing hiccups or disadvantages while playing the game.

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Play with enough battery charge.

This one is more common sense, and I believe it is best to begin by recommending playing the game while your phone’s battery is fully charged. If you are unaware, phones slow down when they have less than 10% battery remaining, and this is a way for phones to avoid reaching a dead battery, which means PUBGM will run extremely slowly, rendering it unplayable.

To ensure that your gameplay is uninterrupted, ensure your phone is fully charged before you start the game.

Graphics and Audio Settings

PUBGM is a highly competitive game, so every frame rate counts, especially if you want to advance in ranked mode. Here are the best settings for having the best experience and having an advantage over enemies:

Graphics: Smooth to HD (highly dependent on your phone’s specs)

Graphics is the option for how PUBGM will appear on your device; the higher you select, the higher the quality you will see.

However, if you want a seamless experience when playing PUBGM, Smooth graphics is the best option, but if you have a beefier phone, you can probably select HD if possible.

If you notice some frame drops while playing the game, especially if the phone gets hot after a while, select Smooth to prevent these drops. 

Remember that Smooth gameplay does not necessarily mean bad graphics, as PUBGM still looks relatively good in this option.

I wouldn’t recommend getting the higher graphics because frame drops are extremely annoying in games like PUBGM. However, if you want to see how beautiful PUBGM is on your phone while playing, you can choose the highest resolution or UHD if it supports it. However, this will cause your phone to become significantly hotter.

Frame Rate: High to Extreme

Frame Rate should always be a priority in any competitive game, so if your phone allows you to choose between High and Extreme, I recommend going with the highest option. This will greatly improve the smoothness of your gameplay. Furthermore, if you choose the lowest graphics settings, you will almost certainly not experience any slowdowns during a match, even if you have a high frame rate.

It is also advantageous for enemies with a slower phone because your gameplay will be smoother and less choppy than theirs.

Other Settings

Other settings are entirely up to personal preference. I think Classic and Colorful are the best styles to use because other styles don’t add anything, but Colorful can add saturation and vibrancy to the game, which can help you spot other enemies in some cases.

You can increase Anti-Aliasing to 2x, but in most cases, Close is sufficient. It may be counterintuitive if you plan to play an Extreme Frame Rate with higher Anti-Aliasing because it can be taxing to the visuals. You can also disable shadows to reduce the graphic setting further.

I recommend disabling Auto-Adjust Graphics because it can cause the game to lag slightly when it dynamically changes your settings.

In terms of sound settings, select High Quality to hear footsteps and gunfire more clearly. Ultra is nearly indistinguishable, especially when played through the phone’s speakers.

Control Setting

Controls are mostly based on personal preference, so you must mix and match to find where you’re most comfortable.

However, I strongly advise you to enable the Peek setting. This enables a peek during a match, a very useful way to shoot enemies without exposing your entire character to them.

Furthermore, on controls such as Shotgun Firing Mode, Scope Mode, Peek Mode, and others, choose Tap instead of Hold or Release. This gives you more control as you play on your mobile device’s touchscreen. You can enter your scope or peek around corners with a single tap. Holding or releasing them may result in additional errors.

Regarding other advanced controls, the default settings are sufficient unless you want to experiment with your play style. If your phone supports it, you can also enable Gyroscope. It allows you to aim more accurately and smoothly.

Sensitivity Setting

Sensitivity is the most personalized configuration in this game. It refers to how quickly or slowly your character moves his aim.

The Most Used template is a great starting point for adjusting it to your preferences. Start with three increments or decrements adjustments to find the best-suited sensitivity when playing the game.

What’s great about PUBGM is that you can create your advanced configuration for specific guns, making it easier to adjust your playstyle depending on your guns. Slower sensitivity, for example, would benefit snipers like Kar98k, allowing you to adjust your aim accordingly. AR, on the other hand, will benefit from quick sensitivity in close-medium range combat.

Auto Pick Up

When it comes to auto pick-up, there are times when you panic, and your character grabs whatever it comes across. Although useful in PUBGM, it can also be detrimental in high-stress situations.

Fortunately, the game lets you choose which items to pick up automatically. For example, instead of the default setting, you can choose eight energy drinks and five painkillers because these are important items that you may overlook if you are in a hurry, which is critical in the late game of a match. 

You can increase the ammo on the AR and SMG to 210, the DMR to 100, and the Sniper Rifle to 60. May sometimes use identical ammo for different guns, so increasing their default auto pick-up threshold will make looting easier.

You can also customize your attachment loadout, so you won’t automatically pick up any attachment you find for a specific weapon. As a result, less time will be spent mid-game setting up for the proper configuration.

For instance, setting a Sniper Rifle to 6x will prevent you from picking up a Holographic Sight. These settings greatly assist you in optimizing your gameplay and focusing on moving and fighting enemies rather than re-arranging your attachments for different guns in the middle of the game.


These are the best settings for PUBGM. We hope that this article assists you in learning the PUBGM setting options, which can be intimidating when first opened. Most of these are personal preferences you should adjust as you play the game, but the default settings on PUBGM are more than adequate for beginners.

Tell us in the comment section below about any specific strategies, hints, or advice you may have that can help players get the most out of their PUBGM gameplay experience.


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