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Best PC to Android File Transfer 2022

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Have you recently purchased a new mobile and looking for ways to transfer data from your computer to your new Android? Here we have the best PC to Android file transfer applications that will help you. We have listed the application’s features with the pros and cons and an application that we especially recommend for you!

Part 1: 3 Best PC to Android File Transfer

1. Visdee Phone Transfer

Visdee Phone Transfer helps transfer the local backup file from your computer or external hard drive to your Android device. This Android file transfer tool supports 20000+ Android and iOS devices and enables file transfer of contacts, music, videos, photos, call logs, WhatsApp chats, etc. Visdee allows the flexible transfer of backup files from iTunes or Google account to your new Android device. This tool also allows you to transfer data from your mobile phone to your PC with just one click. 


1. Allows creating backup without erasing existing data.

2. Offers fast file transfer without internet connectivity.

3. It works well on both Windows and Mac.


 1. Requires physical connection between the PC and Android.

 2. Only a few file types are supported in Android-iOS file transfer.

2. PC to Mobile Transfer

PC to Mobile Transfer application allows wireless transfer of files between your Android and Windows PC by using a mobile hotspot or mobile network. This Android file transfer application can access all the data stored on your Android, tablet, or SD card without USB or any physical connection to your computer. When your phone connects to the computer through this application, you can easily create, move and delete the files on your mobile phone through your computer. 


1. Supports transfer of photos, videos, music, and much more.

2. Provides the auto start of the application when the device reboots.

3. Offers high-speed data transfer between your mobile and PC.


1. Supported only in Windows operating system.

2. For Android version 5.0 and above, SD card storage is Read-Only.

3. Portal – Wi-Fi File Transfers

Use Portal application to perform Android file transfer through Wi-Fi connection. Transfer pictures, videos, music, and other files from your computer to your Android by scanning the QR code visible on your computer when you open the “portal.pushbullet.com” website. Even if the file size is big, Portal offers swift transfer among the devices. Portal offers easy-to-use drag and drop functionality to transfer the files.


1. Pictures transferred are directly stored on your phone’s gallery.

2. Supports saving files to your removable SD card.

3. Provides drag and drop feature, hence very easy to use.


1. It does not support the transfer of data from phone to computer.

2. It does not work well when you select multiple folders to be transferred.


Thus, we provided you with the best PC to Android file transfer applications along with the feature description, pros, and cons. After a detailed examination, we recommend the Visdee Phone Transfer, which has all the properties you need for safe and secure transfer.


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