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Best Music Learning Websites

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Music, as said, is the food for the soul. People around the globe love this form of art and seek the best sources to learn musical notes. Fortunately, there are some best online websites available that can be your best teacher. Studio notes online is one such website that can be used to study various music topics.

It is a blog with versatile musical educational material available, including quizzes, worksheets, lessons, and tutorials. Further, it also helps you in enhancing your music listening skills.

The additional features of this website are;

  • Music theory worksheets
  • Music crossword puzzles
  • Music Theory
  • Listening Skills
  • Music History

There are also some other credible music learning websites. The best one would be the one you prefer or that features the course you are looking for. Let’s have a look at the top 3.

3 Best Music Learning Websites

Soundfly is a reliable website for music lovers. If you are curious to learn about the ins and outs of music, this would be the perfect beginning.

You will get plenty of things to learn, from writing funk grooves for drums and bass to unlocking the power chords. The website has more than 20 mentors to learn from. You can sign up to explore their monthly or annual subscription.

This website is an online extension of BerkleeX school of music. They have 11 music courses on their website. Anyone around the world can get enrolled in their online courses.

They offer their courses in multiple languages. Just log in to their website to know more about this musical institute.

This website is best for beginners with no prior music learning experience. From classifying sounds, identifying the patterns and consortia of notes the user finds gripping, and positioning chord progressions, melodies, and basslines, users can now start from the basics.

You can try live for free or log in/register on the website to begin your musical journey.

Wrap Up

Whether music is your hobby or you want to make it your profession, these websites will be of great help. Just log in to your preferred site and explore to find the best one for yourself.

There is something for everyone on these sites, so whether you are looking for music theory or learning the musical instrument. You will get something interesting to polish your expertise—all the best for your learning. 


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