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Best Marking and Cutting Tools in Fashion Designing Courses

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Gradually, fashion designing has become one of the most pursued streams in India amongst the youth. The fashion field allows you to showcase your expertise and inventive skills in the best way possible. Not only this, the demand for designers is increasing every day. Fashion design is the art of making innovative and stylish clothing designs. Although it may sound simple, designing is a highly technical subject that requires precision and accuracy. The practise involves cutting patterns on fabrics, sewing, manufacturing garments, and processes of crafting. Therefore, it would be best to have the right fashion design tools to make clothes impressively and quickly. 

Whether you need excellent artistic and designer skills or draping skills on dummies to mark the ideal cuts, you’re in the right place as we will be listing a few fashion design tools you need to get started with your career: 

Tape Measure

A designer usually keeps a measuring tape around their neck every time they are at work. And a single tape measure is not enough; at least three of it is a must-have. This equipment is essential for fashion tools as it will allow creating a perfect fit of the clothes or garments. Moreover, some designers use a grading ruler and a set square to achieve the same outcomes.


While working in the fashion industry, it is not enough to own just one pair of scissors. Designers have different kinds of scissors for them to create a perfect cut of the design. Some of these can be shear scissors, card scissors, lightweight scissors, etc. 

Tailor’s Chalk

Chalk is an essential tool for marking fabrics. A chalk material that can be easily brushed or washed off if the line is no longer needed. After taking measurements, designers use chalk for marking on the fabric and begin snipping right away. Ensure you’ve got enough supply of tailor’s chalk on your work desk.

Pin Tools

It’s crucial to ensure that your fixtures look perfect on the final dress. This is where the pins come in. They are used for fastening pieces of fabrics or other materials together. A pin is an essential tool for a fashion designer as it can help with continuing an unfinished task. The pins allow sinking them into the dummy while fitting the cloth into its perfect size. Plus, the pins are easy to grab and use. 

Muslin Fabric

The Muslin is a kind of cotton fabric from a wide range of weights, from delicate sheers to coarse sheeting. It can be used as an experiment and starting point of sewing. 

Adjustable Dressmaker Dummy

The dummies give an idea of how the dress will look on the actual person upon wearing it. With a dressmaker dummy, designers take less time working on body parts that don’t fit, thereby saving you time. In addition, adjustable dummies are convenient fashion tools to use as they will enable the designer to work on different dress sizes. 

Sewing Machine

It is the most important tool a designer needs. It completes the list of essential fashion design tools. It is recommended that designers use a firm metal base sewing machine instead of a plastic one as it is more reliable, creates beautiful patterns, and beginners can learn quickly. 

An experienced designer has all the right tools needed to produce special clothing items. With the right tools and equipment, the time taken to create new designs reduces. Fashion designers make a substantial contribution to the world of arts, culture, and social environment. Therefore, it is essential for fashion aspirants like yourself to learn how to work on various design tools and equipment through fashion designing courses. To get started, the Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD) is one of the best fashion designing colleges that provides a complete study of the fashion design industry and inspires students to grow habitual to the prevailing trends and challenges in the industry. 


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