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How to Clean and Care Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors?

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Cleaning of Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Mistake number 1 – Use of products that contain solvents in their composition

One of the main questions when cleaning vinyl is: what product to use? Cleaning vinyl, in addition to being fast, is economical.

It is not necessary to buy any specific product, just a little water, neutral detergent, and a clean, dry cloth. See step by step:

First, remove all kinds of dirt from the floor, such as sand and dust. You can do this using a bristle broom or a dry mop;

Next, apply a neutral detergent solution with water to the entire floor, using a damp mop or a low-speed industrial cleaner. Use the least amount of water possible;

Finally, rinse with a squeegee and a clean cloth;

Now you just have to wait a few minutes until it is completely dry and it will be free for use. For the cleaning of vinyl plank floors, you will need to use the best machine to clean vinyl plank floors.

how to clean vinyl plank floors

A good vacuum cleaner is also important to suck the dust and debris from these luxury vinyl plank floors.

Tarkett vinyl is ideal for those looking for practicality. Watch our video on Cleaning and Maintenance and save time on cleaning:

How not to clean your vinyl?

Do not use solvents or petroleum products to clean or eventually remove stains from your vinyl. They can damage the floor’s surface, causing scratches and even possible surface corrosion.

The use of powdered soap is also not recommended, as it can wear down the surface of the floor, in addition to leaving it slippery and susceptible to accidents. Always prefer neutral detergent.

Mistake number 2 – Applying any type of wax

Most Tarkett floors have surface protection that does not require the use of wax. To maintain the appearance of your natural floor, clean only with water and a neutral detergent.

However, if you want a brighter finish, we recommend the use of acrylic wax, applied with a mop and according to the packaging of each product.

Remember that it is first necessary to clean the floor and then apply the wax and, once the layers are worn, it is necessary to remove them before a new application.

It is important to note that carnauba-based waxes, commonly used on wooden surfaces, are not indicated for vinyl because, in addition to leaving the surface slippery, they form a greasy layer that is difficult to remove.

Mistake number 3 – Plenty of water 

Some vinyl can be washed and are more resistant to water. However, it is not recommended that they be installed in constantly humid areas, such as bathroom boxes and pool decks.

When cleaning the floor, use as little water as possible. Rinse with a wet mop or squeegee and wait for the floor to dry completely before releasing its use.

Remember: in addition to making it more beautiful, regular cleaning increases its useful life, its resistance, and durability, and reduces maintenance costs, so you can enjoy your floor for much longer!

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