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Best Low Cost Fridge For Small Families

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In modern days Kitchen appliances are getting smarter and more useful. We use them to cook food, process or to store. Appliances like copper pan, blender, coffee machine and many more we use in our daily life. Today I will be discussing about low cost fridge for small families.

Do you know that each year we have to throw away one-third of the food we can produce in the world? In addition to being because we can’t eat it all the main reason is that our food is spoiled as bacteria grow in it.

And there are various ways in which food manufacturers store food, whether it is by using bacteria inhibiting or killing processes by boiling, freezing, or adding preservatives, etc. This inhibits the growth of bacteria when the package is not opened until its expiration date.


Why we need refrigerators?


But if the food we buy is food that bacteria can grow easily. Once the product is opened and you can’t eat it all, we should keep the food in the refrigerator to keep the temperature of the food low.

This is because the bacteria that spoil food and the bacteria that cause us diarrhea can grow slowly at low temperatures. In African countries, there is a lot of food loss due to the temperature like our home country. This is the temperature at which bacteria grow well, but countries in this area are poor, so there aren’t many refrigerators to store food properly. Thus causing a lot of food wastage. To prevent this wastage we need kitchen appliances that can be useful for daily life.

There are a lot of introductions about bacteria; you probably know that today we will be reviewing the topic of the refrigerator. This is because the refrigerator is another important factor in the household. Especially for households in tropical areas like India where food just leaves outside for a few hours the food gets spoiled.

Therefore, it was found that of the 350 million families in India, there are approximately 150 million families with at least one refrigerator, which is a huge number. This number does not include the refrigerator in shops, bars, and hospitals.

Advantage of Refrigerator

First of all, let’s start with the overall advantages of the refrigerator.

Refrigerators help maintain the temperature of what we store in the refrigerator, be it food, cosmetics, and even medicine. To have a low temperature and always be stable, therefore, the refrigerator helps to keep foods fresh. It is saving us money and less risk of disease that can be caused by pathogenic bacteria that contaminate food.

Indian people like to drink cold drinks to help cool down and cool the body temperature. You see, each refrigerator is very useful. Nowadays, it is hardly known that very few families do not have a refrigerator. For anyone who is looking for a new refrigerator or a replacement because more family members want to store more food. Or for any reason changing the refrigerator is a big deal.

Today we are going to review the refrigerator to help you make a better decision. Ready, let’s go and see.


Best 3 Small Refrigerator you can buy

Samsung 192 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Detail Samsung
Size 62.3 x 53.6 x 122 Centimeters
weight 29 kg
Capacity 192 L
Refrigerator model RR19T21CARH/NL, Scarlet Red
Energy saving Yes! Stabilizer
Warranty Yes


For Samsung refrigerators are another brand that is very popular in India. For this model that I will review today, we would like to call it a teenage refrigerator. Because in addition to having many bright colors to choose from The interior design of the refrigerator itself has various dimensions including various functions that do not look boring when opening the refrigerator each time. Let’s take a look at what this function does.


This refrigerator has a semi-automatic defrosting system whereby the refrigerator itself evaporates the defrosted water. But if the water in the freezer gets more and more, we have to keep pouring out this part by ourselves.

As for the matter of saving electricity, this model can be lost because it is guaranteed that the highest energy saving.

Samsung Single Door Refrigerator


This 192 L fridge is perfect for a medium-sized family with few family members. The tray inside the refrigerator is tempered glass, which can hold up to 100 kilograms of weight as well. This makes it possible to place heavy items like a heavy cauldron without fear of breaking the tray.

As for the door edge of the refrigerator that everyone likes. This model of the refrigerator also has a chrome strip that allows us to close the refrigerator more tightly, thereby saving energy. It also has an anti-mold substance and a unique design as well. And also, the refrigerator door is designed as a two-tiered level, making it look dimensional and look more beautiful.

Internal shelves that are easily repositioned the refrigerator body is coated with PCM paint to make it look shinier and prevent scratching. The refrigerator itself has a natural mineral plate that releases negative ions in it, helping to eliminate bacteria and get rid of unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator.


Note: It is always recommended to use good quality utensils like copper pan, stainless steel cookwares in kitchen to ensure healthy life.


Croma 190 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Detail Croma CRAR0216
Size 53.1 x 62 x 116 Centimeters
Weight 33 kg
Capacity 190 L
Refrigerator model 1 doors
Energy saving Yes!
guarantee have

When it comes to Croma products, apart from fans, cooling fans and other products, Croma is also a manufacturer of refrigerators. And this time comes with a simple but elegant style refrigerator that is used in a single-door operation.

This model has a capacity of 190L, divided into two layers, namely the chilled and frozen. In the freezer section, there is an automatic defrosting system, so we don’t have to press defrost like other refrigerators. It is considered a function of the protagonist of this refrigerator in the Croma family, and it is convenient to maintain the temperature in the refrigerator, as this refrigerator has a temperature sensor called Eco Thermo Sensor and adjusts the temperature to remain constant.

Croma refrigerator for small family
Croma refrigerator for small family

As for the shelves of this refrigerator, this is a safety glass. It can hold up to 100 kilograms of weight. You can say that taking a person to sit is still not broken, right? For the old problem that had been in the matter of the edge of the refrigerator, there is a black stain due to the fungus pushing to grow on the edge of the refrigerator.

This refrigerator has a special coating to prevent mold on the edge of the refrigerator door. Therefore, this problem can be eliminated. As for the functionality of this refrigerator, it has a wide range of temperature control.

The multipurpose freezer that you can adjust to slide into chilled and vegetable compartments. The ice tray can be twisted to allow the ice cubes to fall onto the tray without having to wait for the ice to come out of the tray when needed. The light bulb inside the refrigerator is LED, which helps save more energy.


Haier HR-65KS, Black Direct-Cool Single Door Desktop Fridge


Detail Haier HR-65KS
Size 49.4 x 47.6 x 67.6 Centimeters.
Weight 15 kg
Capacity 50 L
Refrigerator model Direct-Cool Single Door Desktop Fridge
Energy saving Yes!
Warranty have


This model is a lightweight refrigerator, the size is only 50L, and of course, when it is a mini-refrigerator, it has only one door. This refrigerator is suitable for use in hotels or small rooms where space is limited and only needs to freeze drinks or other food. It is compact in size. We feel that this model is not only affordable but also a lot of energy-saving as it is cooled by Direct Cooling, providing the same level of cooling as a large refrigerator.

The inside of the refrigerator has a beverage compartment, two shelves in the refrigerator body and at the door of the refrigerator, there are 2 additional shelves, which are divided into small and large sections. Makes it possible to use the refrigerator conveniently.

Haier Small Refrigerator
Haier Small Refrigerator

Children can conveniently reach for drinks in the fridge because of their small size. So who has a small space or lives in a room that is not cooking? Refrigerators of this size can be used comfortably and more importantly, consume less power than large refrigerators. This makes it possible to save a lot of money, buying a refrigerator and a lot of electricity bills.


Conclusion – Low-cost fridge for a small family

If you are going to buy a new refrigerator then surely follow this guide. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know by sending a mail from our contact us page.


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