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Best Internet Service Providers (IPS) in Pakistan

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We’ve got a further list of Internet Service Providers. This time we have chosen the capital of Islamabad. This city is the center of the country. All the formal work is done in this city. The most common residents are government officials or international authorities.

Many banks and firms have their registered offices. We live and it is the cornerstone of all our work in a technology age. The internet is the backbone of connectedness.

There is a significant need for it in the capital. People here require a quick and stable Internet connection. I shall therefore list the top Internet service providers in Islamabad.

What is broadband?

Broadband transmission in telecommunications is a broadband data transmission with numerous signals and types of traffic. It can consist of a coaxial cable, fiber optic, radio, or twisted pair.

Broadband is a sort of high-speed Internet connection where standard access to the Internet is called up. You can check internet speed via an internet speed checker.

Broadband bundles are provided in all formats, from broadband ADSL to broadband cable and 3G and 4G mobile broadband.

A broadband link is never closed and accessible at any time, such as a telephone line.

Top Internet Service Providers


Nayatel’s internet service provider has been a real hallmark recently. It is the quickest and most trustworthy ISP. This service includes fiber networks (FTTH) that make Islamabad one of the world’s most optically connected cities. They offer excellent customer service as well.

Highly qualified and highly qualified professionals are employed by the ISP. Since they became an ISP, they have continually improved themselves. And they have shown themselves to be one of Islamabad’s biggest ISPs. Web bundles in Nayatel are numerous. I’m going to name the cheapest, however.

NayaTel’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

Monthly charges:
PKR 1,999/-
Volume: Unlimited
Internet speed: 10 Mbps
Smart TV: Yes

Installation Time and Cost:

Installation charges: PKR 11,000 (installment plan is available)
Device charges: Yes (PKR 4,750 including tax)
Installation time: 1-2 working days


Pakistan’s first Internet Service Provider is called Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. It is also the most frequent internet service in our country. PTCL included its Internet services in Islamabad when it became the country’s capital.

The best internet service has been available since then in the city. PTCL has changed to fulfill customer requirements throughout time. Almost every region in Islamabad has optical fiber connectivity. High speeds of the Internet are permitted.

Your customer support was upgrad as well. PTCL features an array of web packs. But I’ll talk about the least expensive package.

PTCL’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

Monthly charges:
PKR 1750/-
Volume: Unlimited
Internet speed: up to 6 Mbps
Smart TV(optional): PKR 525/- per month

Installation Time and Cost:

Installation charges: PKR 2,499 inclusive of Tax/- (over existing landline) and PKR 5000 inclusive of tax/- (Landline + Internet + Smart TV)
Device charges: Yes (Router and TV box)
Installation time: 1-2 working days

Jazz Super 4G Wingle

Mobilink Jazz is a major and oldest communications service in Pakistan. Pakistan. It’s been working for 25 years now. Jazz just began offering 4G WiFi and 4G Wingle jazz devices to its clients. These devices have unbelievable Internet speeds.

Jazz 4G and Wingle have a decent battery life of 2300 mAh. WPS Wi-Fi is permitted. The flashing 4G speed is up to 150 Mbps incredibly fast. These Wi-Fi devices can simultaneously work with 10 users. The device is also a simple task.

You have to download and download the Jazz app and install the gadget. Wingle’s clever design is USB-specific. Just connect it to any port and enjoy the flash fast internet. Below is the most cost-effective internet package.

Jazz Super 4G Wingle’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

Monthly charges: PKR 999/-
Volume: 25 GB
Internet speed: up to 150 Mbps

Device Charges:

Jazz Super 4G Wingle: PKR 2,500/-
Jazz Super 4G Wi-Fi: PKR 3,200/-
Jazz Home Wi-Fi: PKR 5,500/-


StormFiber is one of Punjab’s largest previous suppliers of internet services. The ISP now extends its services to the city of Islamabad. It is important to understand that StormFiber drives Cybernet.

Stomfiber’s brand is created on the market due to its high-speed Internet and TV services and its outstanding customer services. The ISP uses fiber-optical lines to ensure maximum bandwidth and stable connectivity.

StormFiber is an ISP that instantly repairs your problem and can be one of its most fascinating elements. Moreover, the ISP provides a wide range of cheap Internet packages to its precious consumers.

StormFiber’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

Monthly charges:
PKR 1999/- (without tax)
Volume: Unlimited
Internet speed: 10 Mbps
Smart TV: Included in the total bill

Installation Time and Cost:

Installation charges: PKR 5,999/-
Device charges: No

Transworld Home

In Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, Transworld Home offers Internet and TV services with up to 100 Mbps speed and over 100 HD channels.

It is the global level 1 operator, which is the highest quality of this ISP. At the moment, there is no alternative Internet service provider for Tier-1 network cooperation. It offers an astonishing amount of Internet bundles. Here it’s the lowest.

Transworld Home’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

  • Monthly charges: PKR 2,500/-
  • Volume: Unlimited
  • Internet speed: 20 Mbps
  • Tru™ TV (optional): PKR 500/- per month

Installation Time and Cost:

  • One-time Cost: PKR 12,000 (available on installments)
  • Tru™ Smart Box: PKR 7,000 (available in installments)
  • Special Promo: Also available at ZERO upfront charges
  • Installation Time: 1-2 day

Zong 4G

It’s an intelligent choice to test wireless gadgets when you reside in places where Nayatel services and PTCL are not present or when you are not interested in broadband Internet access, or if your Internet / Wireless connection speed problems develop. Even superior to wired services are the fiber/simple cabling connection.

Zong wireless devices are branded Bolt and Bolt+, with varying speeds and bundles to offer. Up to 10 WiFi devices can be connected to a Zong 4G Bolt simultaneously. Please connect this to your USB source and you’re fine to go. Up to 36 Mbps are great on the Internet.

Zong 4G Bolt’s Internet Packages in Islamabad: (Most economical)

  • Monthly charges:
  • PKR 1500/- (without tax)
  • Volume: 30 GB for one month
  • Internet speed: up to 150 Mbps

Installation Time and Cost:

  • Installation charges: You just have to buy a Bolt device
  • Device charges: Yes (PKR 3,000/-)


Wi-Trib is a Qatari firm founded in Pakistan in 2007. PTA states that Y-Trib was Pakistan’s top-quality ISP in 2010. Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad are its coverage areas. The Dongle Wi-Trib offers a range of bundles and devices, from 3G, 4G, and prepayments.


In the Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, and Faisalabad areas, Fiberlink is considered to be the fastest ISP in Pakistan while offering fiber-optical broadband services.

FiberLink delivers domestic users with speeds up to 200mbps. The user can choose from numerous bundles, starting from Rs. 1,500 for 12mbps, including 20mbps (Span 2,000), 40mbps (Span 2,500), 100mbps (Rs 4,000), 150mbps (Rs 2,500) and 200mbps (4,800).

This is not all, for the 200mbps bundle the speed doubles in the evening (2:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.). An extra discount on the monthly fee is available to those who pay for the whole year.


WorldCall is a former player on the Pakistani ISP market but presently only Lahore and Karachi have been able to.

At lower rates, users are required to choose speeds up to 10mbps. The company uses a fiber-optic network for all connections.

Worldwide calls are the lowest for all ISPs, but still provide a strong data link.


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