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Best Hotel Management Institute at Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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UEI Global rated as Best Hotel Management Institute in Agra is the leading institution for hotel management. It is known all over the world for imparting management training to students and young professionals interested in hotel operations, hospitality and tourism. Among the different institutes that offer degree programs in hotel administration, this one has the best reputation among students. The institutes have gained a good name because they are able to give quality training that can help you become a great manager in any hotel chain.

UEI Global offers students the best hospitality courses with specialization in food and hospitality management. Students who enroll here to receive a specialized education which deals with management issues dealing with hotels. There are courses like guest service, hotel marketing, hospitality entrepreneurship, and restaurant management. They also get a strong foundation in accounting and economics that will help them later in their careers. Some of the important topics covered in these courses include: guest relations, hospitality and tourism, advertising and promotions, and sales and marketing.

Another important feature of this institute is that they offer an internship to students. Internships in some of the famous hotels of the world are available for students. Some of the famous hotels that are affiliated to the Best Hospitality Institute in Agra are the ITC Marthobia Palace, Hotel Alka and The Grand Hotel. Other prominent hotels that are associated to this institute for IT are Hotel Radisson, The Leela Palace, Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Hyatt Regency, and Hotel Willow Creek. These hotels have won multiple awards from The Best Hotels of the World and The Best International Hotel Reviews.

UEI Global has internationally designed programmes under the academic supervision of Hotelschool, the Hague. This means that the quality of education offered here is top-notch. Students who complete their course get accreditation which will be useful in getting a good job in the hospitality industry. A certificate will also help in securing employment in reputed hotels worldwide. Best Hotels in India has been able to seal several contracts with different hotels worldwide, such as the Best Western Hotel chain, Fairfield Inn and others.

The curriculum offered by UEI Global is designed keeping in mind the practical aspects of hospitality management. This means that students are taught the art of hospitality and managing guests, as well as providing excellent service. Interaction between the staff and guests is the basis of effective management. At the end of the courses, students get diploma or degree certificates. These institutes have both online and classroom courses. Students can select either of the options as per their convenience.

Best Hotels in India have tie-ups with other international hotels. They participate in various exchange programs, which provide exposure to international hotel management methods. These students also get to travel around the world and experience first hand the luxury life of a five star hotel. They are provided with a chance to work in a variety of hotels including five star ones. Best Indian Hospitality Institute and Best Hotels in India offer unique and effective methods of attracting and retaining the best and brightest students in the country.

A course at Best Hotels in Agra ensures a strong foundation in the art of hotel management. The management courses also provide insight into issues related to corporate hospitality and how it affects the customer-service. The institutes have various seminars and workshops conducted on a regular basis, which teach students the art of entertaining and making the customers happy. The hotel administration aspect is also covered under the curriculum. Students get training in implementing strategies for increasing profitability of hotel enterprises.

Students can choose to pursue a career in hotel administration, restaurant management, hotel promotion and hotel finance. The institute also offers internship programs in various companies. Students who wish to pursue BPO in hotels can also pursue a course from Best Hotels in India. The institute also offers online courses and distance education programs.


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