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Best Gaming Headphones under 2500

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Best Gaming Headphones under 2500

In this article, we have discussed the Best Gaming Headphones under 2500 in India.

Hard gamers claim the best gaming headphones to fully enjoy their games.

The list of top gaming headphones below 2.5k has been compiled after extensive research keeping in mind the budget and quality of the product.

So, let’s look at the best gaming headphones you can buy in India for Rs 2500 without further delay.

EKSA stereo sound over-the-air gaming headphones: EKSA gaming headphones are probably the best for gamers. These gaming headphones consistently provide a 7.1 virtual encapsulated sound system with 3.5mm as detachable MIC and USB support. The EKSA is the best gaming headset with less than 2500 / – mic.

These headphones can dramatically change the sound setting to suit the user’s needs. It is solid, and the material is fiber, not plastic. The headset is durable and durable.

Cushion Each Year G2000 Edition Gaming Headphones:

Year Gaming Headphones with Mike Each is a great headphone that you can get below 2000 / – in any online market. The sound quality is remarkable. The audio output is exceptionally clear without any external hassle, which maintains a strategic distance from the opal alloy.

These headphones have inert measuring ear cups. The cups are cushioned around and incredibly smooth. These cups wrap around the ears very well and give a great separation from the surroundings of the sound. It offers a secure and accurate change of extraordinary length for an ideal fit.

  • Cosmic bytes over the ear with MIC and LED gaming headphones:

Cosmic Byte Over the Gaming Headphones is the best gaming headphone you can find on the internet. It comes with new adaptive LED lights and ear cups that are highly compliant to carry this price range. The excellent isolation with these headphones and mouthpieces is remarkable in terms of sound quality, including deletion. You may encounter great interactivity with games like PUBG emulator etc.

Cosmic Byte Over the Ear Gaming headphones plug and play, and you can control the virtual encapsulation effect that improves your audio experience. The attraction of LED light wins the heart of every gamer. It is vague and does not look spacious anywhere.

Best Gaming Headphones under 2500

  1. ANT H520W gaming headphones:

ANT Sports is a well-known brand of PC accessories. This gaming headphone has a suspended and padded headband structure that is comfortable to wear and use.

ANT is also known for its high-sensitivity mic, which makes your voice louder, and clearer and flips silently. Also, Construct Quality is top-instant for all ANT gamin items, and these headphones are not special. These headphones come with a very good quality mic and a protein fabric earcap.

  1. Redzier Dazer Wired Headphones:

Redzier Dazer comes with all the features you need for your game. It has the superb ergonomics of a 50mm thick driver. These incredible game headphones cost around 999 / – and the truth is you are better than what you offer.

You will sound alright during a group voice chat in a war game, and you’ll find decent headphones here with a good microphone experience. It has a cost-effective virtual 7.1 encompass sound that requires a Redzier driver enabled in the framework when using the product.

The best-wired earphones with a mic in India

Wired earphones offer better sound quality and no delays than their Bluetooth counterparts. They cost relatively less than that, and you have less of a gadget to charge. The options we have chosen today come with a microphone, which allows you to take a call or remove the voice assistant. Given that so many options exist, choosing the best one can be daunting. Here is our list of the best Wired Earphones Under 2500 INR with a mic.


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