What are the best features & benefits of uPVC casement windows?

uPVC Casement windows

Despite being a common style, casement windows remain the favourite window profile of many homeowners across the globe. You can either use it as a single window or club it in pairs with one common frame. No matter which style you prefer, this window style is likely to go with all interior designs.

Since people are getting more concerned about the type of material they use during construction, they are increasingly being more aware of details that offer beauty and practicality to the given space. It means more people are choosing eco-friendly and durable materials that are aesthetic to look at and also practical at the same time.

Many homeowners these days are opting for uPVC casement windows for their living spaces due to their simple yet classic layout. Continue reading to know the top features and benefits of installing uPVC casement windows in your home.

Features & Benefits of Casement Windows

Here are some noteworthy features and benefits of installing uPVC casement windows:

1. Linear Frame

The modern-day uPVC casement windows are manufactured to fulfil the modern needs of homeowners. They effortlessly offer pioneering and smart solutions to issues that used to be detrimental to the performance of windows for many generations.

2. Eco-Friendly

The profile used for making uPVC casement windows is 100% lead-free and recyclable. It means it avoids health hazards that come with the manufacturing of window profiles. This also means uPVC windows are eco-friendly. So, it can help you to minimise the environmental impact while enjoying amazing quality.

3. 10-Year Guarantee

Since uPVC casement windows are available with a long 10-year guarantee, these profiles are intended to last for a very long time. Due to their long-lasting frame, these profiles are likely to cover you against warping, cracking or discolouration for many years to come.

4. Extremely Energy-Efficient

The casement windows form a tight seal whenever you close them. It happens due to their hinged sashes that are firmly pressed against the frame of the window. It helps in preventing heat loss while stopping air leakage, as there is no space left between the sash and the window frame. Due to this feature, this window profile is known to be highly energy-efficient.

All thanks to their ability to be energy-efficient, these window profiles can help you cut down your energy bills, as there won’t be the need of using heating/cooling appliances for too long.

5. Great Ventilation

Since uPVC casement windows are wide with open/shut features, they are known to offer better ventilation, along with ample daylight in the area where these are installed.

During day time, you can open casement windows to enable the sunshine to get into your home. Besides, it is perfect for keeping air out whenever needed; for instance, in kitchens while cooking.

6. Easy to Operate

Today, the modern casement windows come with a crank handle, which is a feature that was not available in old casement window styles. Due to these new features, it has become easy to operate this window profile.

You also don’t have to stress about leaning out of your window for holding a sash close to the window. You can easily use the crank handle and hence, the casement windows operation becomes safe and efficient.

7. Enhanced Security

uPVC casement windows are available with a lever to help you lock the widow firmly and securely at different points. This lever enables you to lock these windows in multiple areas, so it is hard to force them open. So, homeowners get relief from stressing about robbers or thieves trying to break into your home.

8. Unobstructed View

Since the casement windows come without any central rail attachment on their frame, you get to enjoy an unobstructed view of the surroundings. It means casements windows without central rail are an ideal choice to help homeowners enjoy the outdoor views.

9. Easy to Clean

As uPVC casement windows are easy to stay wide open, homeowners get to clean them conveniently. So, you don’t have to put an effort to bring climbing ladders or any other equipment to clean your windows. You can easily clean them by extending your arm from inside your living space.

10. Versatility

Your home is a good expression of your personality. That’s why when it comes to designing and picking a few options for your abode, you need to choose the right items that complement your interior. The uPVC casement windows appear amazing in any home – whether modern or traditional. You also have a good scope to customise your casement windows per your preference and lifestyle.


Windows are the best way to revamp the overall appearance of your home, making it look more appealing. If you are seeking amazing windows for your home, simply opt for the uPVC casement windows. These are not just stylish and elegant to look at but also practical. Furthermore, you need to look for the top uPVC windows manufacturers and suppliers near you to offer you the best solutions.

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