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Best Decision Making Games for Kids

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Life is a series of decisions. From the moment we are born until our last breath, we keep on making several decisions that bring us to the point where we are. Decision-making is a skill itself in today’s dynamic world. And when something is as essential as good decision-making skills, it goes without saying that we should force our kids to perform well in this area. Today DayCare Escondido has several decision making games that can help nurture your kids better and help them grow as individuals. From simple daycare activities to complex virtual games, there are various forms from which we can choose. Depending on the child’s interest, guardians can decide the best match for their kids. Here we will list some of the best ways to improve children’s decision-making skills at a young age.


Decision Making Games to Nurture Your Kids


Musical chairs

For the young ones, musical chairs are a popular game. It is a group activity that can be easily organized at any place. It is simple yet exciting. But did you know that musical chairs can also help children learn decision making skills? It has been found that kids as young as 5 to 6 years old have increasingly developed decision making skills when interacting with this type of group activity. These games encourage them to think before they act. The art of thinking in itself would help them make decisions. Spontaneous can be nurtured productively in this manner. Quick decision-making while achieving our goal is critical after all.

Impromptu storytelling

Another unique way to improve a child’s decision-making skills is by organizing impromptu storytelling sessions. In this game, either the adult can choose to tell the story and ask prompt questions to the young audience now and then all let the children take the role of storytellers. When the kids tell the story, they will be better able to understand the character’s decisions and make better choices to represent the story in their words. If the kids are on the listener’s end, they would be increased to grasp the information before making decisions. The Decision-making process should be preceded by information gathering whenever possible.

Building blocks

Building blocks are an excellent way to teach children about the concepts of creation and patience. Understanding the importance of creativity and its effort is very important to be taught at a young age. Kids who understand the need for creation and destruction hand in hand are more likely to adapt to different situations. Little games like building blocks can help them understand this concept in a more practical manner. When they take their time designing their models and coming up with new ideas, they are automatically making decisions to improvise. Answering questions like what would work the best?’ are a great learning opportunity for young kids.

Math games

DayCare Escondido says, “Maths games do not need to be scary at all times.” If taught with patience and perseverance, it is the best way to enhance kids’ decision-making skills. Simple addition and subtraction will help the kids have essential math skills and make quick decisions. They would be able to achieve practical results and see the effect of their hard work. Rewarding them on understanding concepts is an important aspect as well. As their adults, we need to understand that it would require time and patience to learn a new skill. It cannot be learned overnight, so undermining them would only backfire. Proper encouragement and support will naturally help the child learn in a better manner.

Picture flashcards

A great way to interact with Preschool Fontana kids would be by introducing picture flashcards. Simple photo flashcards of animals, things, expressions, etc., can help kids learn faster. It is easier to work with photos and drawings rather than words. With the help of these photo flashcards, you can ask simple questions to the kids. For example, give them the flashcards of 4 occupations and ask,” who fights with fire?”. Let the child take their time and understand each photo flashcard. Gradually, they will understand the information presented to them at a much faster pace and make quick decisions.

Decision-making processes are all about understanding the situation and information at hand and acting upon them. To teach the basics and develop these skills, we need to have patience and encourage young children. Let them take their time and find their rhythm. They will learn the best when they are enjoying themselves and want to learn naturally. We need to be that cheerleader and guide in this journey and help them become reliable adults.


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