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Best Commuter Bikes in India 2021 | Allbikehere

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Here is a list of best commuter bikes in the range of Rs 55,000 to Rs 1.20 lakh. Hero, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha and Honda brands are the most popular brands for best commuter bikes in India. So let’s get to the good information.

Hero Splendor Plus- Best commuter bike

Great Commuter Motorcycles That Cost Less Than $10,000

Hero Splendor Plus bike from Hero MotoCorp is the best-selling commuter bike. Its engine is 97.2 cc which generates 8.02 PS power and makes 8.05 Nm torque. A cylinder is used in this Splendor bike. Hero Splendor plus Bike provides simple and reliable bikes. This commuter bike follows the BS6 version.

This is a best commuter bike BS6 (in India).

1. Hero Splendor Plus ex-showroom price: Rs. 62,535 to Rs. 67,845

2. Bike Mileage: 65 to 81 km/l

TVS Apache RTR 160 bike

The engine capacity of this bike is 159.7 cc which generates 15.3 bhp power and 13.9 Nm torque. It uses a single cylinder motor. This TVS Apache bike follows the BS6 variant. It’s available in 2 variants (on base of brakes) and 6 colors. It weighs 139 kg and has a fuel capacity of 12 liters. It is the best comfortable commuter bike (in India 150cc).

1. Ex-showroom price of this bike: Starting from Rs.1.03 lakhs

2. Bike Mileage: 45 to 50 km/l

Bajaj Pulsar 150 bike

Bajaj Pulsar 150 commuter bike is a reputed motorcycle, though it has become quite expensive in recent times. The engine capacity of Bajaj Pulsar is 150cc which generates 14 PS power (on 8,500 rpm) and 13.2 Nm torque power (On 6,500 rpm). Single chain ABS has been added to it. Its kerb weight is 150 kg. The maintenance cost of Bajaj Pulsar is less. It can be easily used in daily work.

This is also a best comfortable commuter Bike Review (in India).

1. Price in Delhi ex-showroom: Rs. 95,875 to Rs. 1.04 lakh

2. Bike Mileage: 50 km/l

Hero HF Deluxe commuter bike

Hero HF Deluxe is also one of the best-selling bikes. This bike is the most used one as it is perfect for daily tasks and is also well priced. This bike has been selling continuously for the last several years. It has also been updated as per BS6 norms.

The engine capacity of this bike is 100cc which generates 8.02 PS power (on 8,000 rpm) and 8.05 torque (on 6,000 rpm). It gets a 4-speed transmission and uses alloy wheels. It is available in two variants on the basis of kick-start and self-start. Its kerb weight is 112 kg.

This is the best 100cc commuter bike news in India.

1. Price in Delhi ex-showroom: From Rs 49,400 to Rs 61,975

2. Bike Mileage: 65 to 70 km/l

Honda Shine commuter bike

Honda Shine is also a popular bike. This too comes with the BS6 version with some additional features added. It is currently available in four colors (Black, Rebel Red Metallic, Genie Gray Metallic and Athletic Blue). It is available in two variants (Drum and top variant Shine Disc).

Its engine capacity is 125cc which generates 0.7 PS power (On 7,500 rpm) and 11 Nm torque (on 6,000 rpm) power. It gets 5 new speed transmissions. The kerb weight of this Honda shine bike is 115 kg.

1. Price in Delhi ex-showroom: Starting at Rs. 71,000

2. Bike Mileage: 55 km/l

Yamah MT 15 bike

It is the best commuter bike with advanced design. The engine capacity of this Yamaha bike is 155cc, which generates 18.6 PS (at 10,000 rpm) and 14.1 Nm of power. It is a good choice for fast travel and fashion, but less suitable option for daily tasks.

Its braking hardware system is similar to that of discs. In design, it is a small motorcycle with an attractive design. Its kerb weight is 138 KG. Its fuel tank capacity is 10 liters and seat height is 1070 mm.

1. Delhi Ex-Showroom Price: Starting at Rs 1.40 lakh

2. Bike Mileage: 52 km/l

Hero Xtreme 160R bike

This is a street bike which is available in 3 variants and 4 colors. The engine capacity of Hero Xtreme bike is 163cc (BS6 version) which generates 15 bhp power at 8,500 rpm and 14 Nm torque power at 6,700 rpm. Anti-locking braking system has been added to this bike. It weighs 139.6 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 12 liters. Disc brakes are available at both the ends of the bike. Its curb weight is 135.5 kg.

1. Ex-showroom price of the bike in Delhi: Rs 1.08 Lakh

2. Bike Mileage: 48 km/l

Hero Passion Pro i3S commuter bike

This bike is available in India in two variants (Drum and Disc brake). Passion Pro bikes are available in four new paints. The engine capacity of this bike is 110cc which makes 9.1 PS power (at 7,500 rpm) and 9.79 Nm torque (at 5,500 rpm). Drum brakes and tubeless tires have been used in this. Passion Pro bikes come in 4 variants and 6 colors. Its fuel tank capacity is 10 liters.

1. Price in Delhi ex-showroom: Rs 68,500

2. Bike Mileage: 60 km/l

Hero Glamor 125 bike

Talking about the best 125cc commuter bike in India, this bike is a good option. The engine capacity of this bike is 124 cc, which generates 10.87 PS power and 10.6 torque power. This bike is the right choice for travel purpose. The braking system in this is of drum type. Its fuel tank capacity is 10 liters.

1. Delhi Ex-Showroom Price: Starting from Rs 73,200 to Rs 78,500

2. Bike Mileage: 64.10 km/l

Bajaj CT 100 Bike

If you are looking for the best 100cc commuter bike in India then Bajaj CT 100 bike is a good option which is at the forefront of daily tasks. Its price is also right. It gives us a lot of benefits and the maintenance cost is also less on it. The engine capacity of Bajaj CT 100 bike is 102 cc which makes 7.9 bhp powers. Its weight is 115 kg and fuel tank capacity is 10.5 liters.

Tires are of tube type and wheels are of alloy type. The seat height of the bike is 1072 mm.

1. Ex-showroom price: Starting from Rs 44,900

2. Bike Mileage: 82 km/l

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