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Looking for 10 Best Chat APIs for Android,iOS Apps? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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Needless to say, a messaging or chat app offers multiple benefits over voice-calling and as a business owner you can always build your own chat app in order to facilitate better communication with suppliers, employees, or customers. It is here that Chat API & SDKs for Android play a major role. For an API or backend functionality to work smoothly while building an app and to make it easy for a developer to build an app quickly and hassle-free, it’s important that you pick up on a 3rd party Chat API provider. That way, you also do not need to build a Chat app from scratch. 

Moving on further, let’s have a look at what makes for the Best chat API for iOS, android, or web.

Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Chat API for iOS or Android Apps    

For you to thrive in your business and your brand to become popular, you need to consider the following while building a chat app for android, web or iOS.

  • A Chat API that can be easily accessible and be design-friendly from the standpoint of Developers.
  • One that allows for a faster and hassle-free creation of a glitch-free app.
  • One that allows for maximum savings in costs and manpower. 
  • And, finally the one that can allow for creation of a secure chat app.

Next, you should think of those essential features that should be embedded within any Chat app.

6 Must-Have Features That Make for Best Chat Solutions 

Though there can be multiple features to help you build a robust messaging app. There are some basic ones that can help you grow your business within no time.  

  • Group or Personal Calling: A facility where you have the option of making one on one call or one to many should be made accessible within the Chat app.
  • An Option for Push Button: A Chat app that allows you to send a chat message anytime to the users without the users being available on the web, android or mobile app makes for a top chat solution.
  • Multimedia Communication: A Chat app that allows for different content forms such as the sharing of audio, images, animations, and videos besides the text is what makes for a best chat app. At the same time if a screen-sharing option is available, then that can be like an icing on the cake. 
  • Video and Voice Combination: A Chat app makes for a Best chat API when both video and voice are integrated into an in-app chat platform giving way to an effective and enhanced communication.
  • Encrypted Communication: Encryption within a Chat app is a feature that is preferred by users all around the world as it imparts a sense of security when sharing an important file or report. After all, who would like to compromise with data safety at all?
  • Chat History: You would not like to lose upon a communication that has already happened and which becomes a reference point for further discussion or end result.  Therefore, if a chat history feature is available within the Chat app development solution, then, you are having the best voice chat solution.

Finally, when building an in-app messaging chat, you should not miss out on considering the world’s best solution Api provider.

 Top 10 Chat API Providers For Your In-app Messaging Platform

Whether you are running a healthcare enterprise, an educational institution, or a legal firm, the following solution providers with the real-time chat SDK & API can serve you more than one organizational goal. All you need to keep in mind then is if API & SDK serves the degree of functionality as needed for your app; whether the price equals the benefits being offered to you; and if the app provider works on fixing the bugs before giving you the final price for API & SDK.     

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

As a leading Messaging API and Chat SDK provider MirrorFly allows for a seamless integration of multiple communication channels such as voice, video, text, and conferencing within web, Android and iOS apps. It allows for 100% customization of your chat app by either upgrading the existing functionalities or by building a new chat application from scratch. Their API source code has multiple use cases ranging from healthcare to eLearning and consulting to gaming. It’s a Whitelabel  chat app provider and hence you do not need to worry about the branding of your product or service.


  • 100 % Customizable Chat Solution
  • One-time License cost
  • Unlimited Video/Audio Calling
  • Live broadcasting & Mutli-party video conferencing features
  • On-premise and on-cloud hosting available.
  • One-to-one feature and group chat features
  • Other important features such as call waiting and queuing services, advanced search filter options, seamless voice and video calling services, unlimited sharing options, and language translation services make MirrorFly a great choice

2. Apphitect

If you are looking to build a Chat app that can provide you with multiple messaging needs, Apphitect might be the right choice for you as it lets you have a host of features with absolutely zero downtime for integration within Android, web, or iOS applications. All your communication needs ranging from push notification to screen sharing and voice/video interactions, can easily be met once you decide to hook up with Apphitect.   


  • Besides voice and video calling, a multimedia sharing option is made available
  • Offline messaging system enabled through a push notification option
  • Presence indicator that lets you know who is online or offline, active or inactive within the app
  • Geolocation tracking feature made available to help you trace the IP address of your user
  • Group chat and one-on-one chat feature for better information-sharing of knowledge resources..
  • Special focus on mobility, cloud, social, and analytics solutions
  • Multiple-industry experience to assure complete user satisfaction

3. Talkjs

With Talkjs you can have a full-featured chat solution built by writing just a few lines of code. It’s the one chat API solution provider who can let you build a web and mobile app within a negligible timespan. It comes with a pre-built UI to enable easy customization. As a SaaS startup it allows you to have everything that you would need from an app. 


  • Chat pop-up facility.
  • Chat history option to keep a record of all your conversations
  • A cross-browser testing facility to have an optimal user experience
  • Multi-language chat solution provider.
  • Besides 1-1 and group chat facility, push notification option available
  • Price-affordable
  • The best — it works with any framework or programming language so convenient for developers. 

4. Messagebird

Through a single API, Messagebird lets you establish an omni-channel communication for all your business needs. Do expect a personalized messaging environment and connectivity with users through a single thread. Its uniqueness lay in its offering of active directory integration with third-party applications such as WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, and more.


  • Unified conversation thread.
  • A connection with fallback channels made available
  • Automated follow-up feature provided for consistent communication with existing or potential prospects
  • A voice-call support facility available 24/7.
  • Enterprise-grade security option
  • Extensive API documentation available for developers to build app quickly and efficiently
  • Comes with a pre-built integration plan for companies like Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, Zapier, etc.lopers. 

5. Enablex

Its chat APIs and SDKs help you integrate easily with any UI/UX, other functionalities, or devices. It allows for AES-based encryption to help protect each conversation within the Chat app. It’s a leading provider of Voice, Video, and chat APIs to help you build a smart in-app chat platform.


  • Mass-notification option to help you connect with several users at a single point in time
  • Sharing of files, audio, video, images, and text made easy and secure
  • Group – interaction made possible.
  • Chat archiving option available.
  • Public, private, or cloud deployment facility available.
  • Facility for chat status available
  • Through one communication channel, various other channels and devices can be connected together. 

6. Sendbird

Speak of any industry domain, and Sendbird is there to help you integrate voice chat into any existing app or even build from scratch. It’s an easy-to-use API and native Chat SDK provider that can help virtually any business ranging from small-medium and medium-large enterprises. Further it comes with a complete user interface kit to let you customize your chat app.  


  • Comes with voice and video APIs
  • An in-app customer voice support made available
  • Typing Indicators available
  • Auto-thumbnail generator available to help you personalize your thumbnail templates
  • Moderation tools to customize your content within the app
  • Auto-translation facility available to enable easy translation of any content.
  • A connection with third-party integrations is possible to help you export data with advanced analytics.  

7. Cometchat

ComeChat helps you build an app easily by providing a single code snippet. Cross-platform integration becomes easy through the use of Comechat APIs and SDKs. It comes with open-source UI components for most popular programming languages in use today making it easy for developers to build an app. Comechat offers both cloud deployment and on-premise deployment.Experts say,ComeChat UI kit allows you to set up your app within minutes.


  • Like many other solution providers, comes with 1-1 and group chat facility for your app
  • Typing indicators to let you know if someone is still available and typing within the app
  • Push, email and SMS notifications available
  • Reading indicators are provided to let the message sender know that the message has been read.
  • Webhooks are available to provide other apps with real-time information
  • AI-powered moderation, emojis, etc. come available with ComeChat to handle thousands of users without any disruption
  • It’s a white-label UI to help you rebrand your product easily

8. Getstream

This chat API and SDK provider lets you build an app within no time as it comes with a reliable chat infrastructure and feature-rich SDKs. It’s fully customizable to provide you with a satisfying chat experience. It’s highly scalable and not bereft of any limited channel size so you can add millions of users at a single point in time. Besides, it provides for a robust security and multi-tenancy within the app.


  • The messaging API is highly flexible
  • Link to previews are available.
  • Built in giphy and emotions available to enhance the user-experience.
  • Facility for both direct and group chat available
  • Edit and delete option available
  • Privacy and security of the users are a key focus
  • Since no limit on the channel size, multiple users can be connected at a single point in time.

9. Twilio

From text messaging to email sending, and from voice calls to video and smart chatbots — all are available within a single platform. Dispatch notifications, account notifications and appointment reminders are common deliverables by Twilio. Most importantly, it’s one of those solution providers that was an early bird and there’s no feature that’s not available with its competitors. In fact, it offers much more than many of its competitors. 


  • With the help of powerful APIs, Twilio comes with an infrastructure that’s built for both high and low-latency so scaling up becomes faster.
  • Enterprise-grade security to be made available.
  • Cross-channel communication is enabled easily
  • Option for instant lead-alert made available
  • Note-taking facility available for the sales agents to use while chatting with a customer.

10. Vonage

Vonage is another messaging  chat API provider that builds chat apps for business needs.  It offers a very beneficial selection of communication APIs. Users get custom voice experience, they can send marketing mailers and can merge their conversations to other channels in one thread to chat with Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp users too.


  • Limited Customization
  • Video & Audio calling features
  • SMS features
  • cross-platform support

In Conclusion

With all the information available on Top 10 chat API and SDK providers, it should  become easy for you as an entrepreneur to choose the one that most suits your business needs. That way, you will never go wrong!      


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