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Best cars in rocket league

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Hello, gamers. The best cars in rocket league are the ones which make us feel like we are riding them. They should be so customized that we should get a hold of them only after a few rides. These cars make us feel like we are riding them in real life and not in a multiplayer game. Everyone likes different vehicles, but they are also the best in the rocket league as they are an individual’s favourite.

I present you my category of best cars in rocket league:-

1. Octane

Any gaming professional can drive it, and any amateur can ride this car, too; it’s built in such a way. Octane is the best car of rocket league 2019,2020,2021 because of its smoothness, naturality and realistic design. It’s a tiny car, but its handling is better because of its small size. This vehicle has the tallest hitbox; maybe that’s why this car is the most played-by in Rocket League’s history.

2. Dominus

This car is one of the best visual cars in the rocket league because it has many skins and a more extensive surface area. Hence, it’s easy to hit the ball with this car. It has rougher handling, so you get the whole feel of the car’s handling when you play with complete control. Its only disadvantage is its smaller height which makes it slightly less defensive.

3. Breakout

This car doesn’t look like a good car because of its Lego-shaped look, but it is good to ride because of its smooth driving and dribbling. It may be an ugly car, but it’s free to drive from the start of the game. The extended design also helps in defending the goal. It’s an excellent choice for players who are starting.

4. Mantis

It’s a lengthy and flat-looking car, as flat as a saucer. Because of its lean design, its turning and boosting are excellent. Its length is enough for defending the ball for a long time and is short enough for good handling. Mid-air handling is up to the mark too. Its defence is lower than its offence. If your gameplay is to be the swiftest player, this car is best because of its plank-like structure, making it fast and dribbling. 

5. Merc

Merc is one of the best cars in rocket league if being gigantic is a good thing. Its vast size helps in directing the ball very efficiently. Though it is enormous, it’s elementary to drive. It can quickly blast through opponents because of its size and make its way.

6. Aftershock

This car is relatively faster than the bullet, plus a very efficient offensive vehicle. This car can perform very steep curves and turns. This advantage of turning steep curves comes with the disadvantage of a smaller ball check area. Hence, learning how to control the ball with this car is tricky. But once you get past that, driving such fast in the game is fun.


All these cars are the best in Rocket League as they all succeed each other in different categories. These cars are the pride of the Rocket League game, which makes this game unique in a different way.


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