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Best Bathroom Tile Ideas

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I was looking for some much need inspo. as I had some time on hand and needed to revamp the look of my bathroom. I know, we don’t spend a lot of time there given our hectic schedules, but let me tell you a secret…. It’s the only place of peace and yes aesthetics highly matter.


Choosing the perfect tile is one of the most important things to define your bathroom style. While choosing bathroom tiles for walk-in shower, bathroom wall and floor, there are two things you should consider.

First, the size of your bathroom does matter. Large tiles might not work for narrow bathrooms.

Second, do consider color, pattern, and type of the tile. So join me as I list out some ideas to have the best bathroom using the humble TILE!

  • Depth: Create an illusion of depth in the shower zone for that space… or simply use a white subway tile wall with over the top light fixture!
  • Contrast: Use black tiles on the floor or the wall and a contrasting color for that POP!
  • Go Graphic: Use eye catchy graphic tiles and see how they become the focal point of your bathroom! 
  • Monochromatic tiles: Feeling luxurious…? Use floor-to-ceiling tiles in various sizes, but all within the same color family. Varying sizes help add visual interest while similar color scheme keeps things uniform and classic. Want a spa-like bathroom, but don’t want it to feel too coordinated? Mix up the tile sizes throughout !
  • Marble Tiles: Oh the elegance! Create that old world charm and elevate the look. 
  • Personal suggestion: Use a black marble bathroom tile to revamp and charm up!
  • Sand and Sea: Recreate the beach with blue subway tiles for the walls and sand colored ones for the floor. But do it when you have enough natural light coming in.. Whatta beauty!!
  • Mix and Match: While floral tiles are trending, mix and match prints to strike a creative yet appealing visual. 
  • Small hexagons: Beautiful backslashes around the vanity area are a must have for bigger bathrooms, if you’re one of those lucky ones!

With gazillion choices for beautiful, easy to clean and durable tiles, you can create the most elegant bathroom of your dreams.  So go ahead and set the trend that fits the future of your bathroom dreams..!


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