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Best bars in Saigon

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Today This is Saigon will check out some of the THE BEST HIDDEN BARS & SPEAKEASIES IN SAIGON VIETNAM they make some of our favorite cocktails THE BEST HIDDEN BARS & SPEAKEASIES IN SAIGON VIETNAM

Today, This is Saigon is going to be take you around HCMC to find the best hidden bars & Speakeasies in Saigon, Vietnam

LOST & FOUND in Saigon

This Hidden bar Opened in 2020 Lost & found is the brain child of Tyler Maurice Kooy. Born in Seattle but latterly got charmed by the lifestyle in Vietnam after a 6 month backpacking adventure here.

The bar is tucked down a stunning little side street in district one, and holds all the charm of Vietnam with a nice array of local shop.

They also have an amazing art studio and some beer craft downstairs.

Upstairs the bar is moodily lit, with reclaimed furniture a fantastic bar menu and a really knowledgeable team of staff.

Non smoking inside, but a great balcony outside to take in the sounds of Vietnam.

Overall a fantastic venue to drop into in Saigon.


The Rabbit hole has been knocking out amazing cocktails for a few years now, and is one of those bars which just captivates speakeasies.

Subtle lighting, low slung furniture and little hidden areas within the bar itself. Cocktail wise expect a few classics mixed with a great signature range. Whilst it might be a little more pricey then some other bars in town, the combination of atmosphere, music and discreet service easily pays for itself.


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