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Best activities to preserve physical and mental health

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You have probably heard and read a thousand times how important preserve physical and mental health is to lead a healthy lifestyle. You know all the tips by heart, but don’t use them. We have prepared for you a list of what you should do and how and why. So, here are simple tips to help you preserve your physical and mental health.

 Relax by the water.

Watching the spray of the fountain, the flow of the river or the sea waves, we experience joy, we are distracted from the information noise that surrounds us every day, and we help the brain to relax. This means we protect ourselves from many diseases associated with stress and psychological strain.

Water sports are doubly beneficial. Exercise combined with the contemplation of water is a very effective cure for many diseases. Swimming strengthens the muscles and heart and positively affects posture and overall well-being. Diving helps you immerse yourself in another world, get rid of stress and forget about the most serious problems for a while.

Thanks to this effect, extreme sports are considered an excellent way to overcome addictions. Fishing has a good effect on the psyche, calms and makes a person more focused. 

 Make time for creative pursuits.

Several years ago, the Journal of Public Health published the results of a study in which scientists tried to understand how creative activities affect the state of the body. Patient observations have shown that therapeutic programs related to painting, writing and theatrical arts significantly reduce anxiety levels, help cope with stress and relieve depression.

Other scientific experiments have shown that creativity improves brain function, improves sleep quality, and reduces post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). So be sure to practice painting, singing, dancing, versification, photography, or any other art form you enjoy for at least 15 minutes daily.

 Learn to be grateful.

If we regularly thank life, friends and relatives, and our destiny, we show that we value all this. Grateful people are happier than others. They feel more enthusiasm and joy. Not only that, but they are more energetic.

Feeling grateful can help reduce stress levels, increase mental flexibility and ability to resist everyday problems, and make recovering from trauma easier.

An attitude of gratitude towards life and those around us have a positive effect on our sleep. Grateful people tend to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and better, and feel fresher in the morning.

Learning to be grateful increases our satisfaction from relationships with others. In addition, it has been found that gratitude towards people has a positive effect on our health: Best activities to preserve physical and mental health strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and reduces feelings of malaise and pain.

 Get enough sleep

We sacrifice sleep too often to finish another project, write an email to a colleague, or just scroll on social networks. Remember why you go to bed late.

Chronic lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease, negatively affects the immune system, and leads to irritability, anxiety, and decreased cognitive abilities. In addition, shortening your sleep time can lead to weight gain since it is during the night’s rest that the level of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for appetite, is regulated.

Do more physical activity during the day, but refrain from doing it just before bed.

Complete all difficult tasks a few hours before bedtime and try to get rid of disturbing thoughts. 

Think about what you eat. 

Eat less saturated fat and refined carbohydrates. 

Take a bath in the evening, play with your pet, or get a massage. Spend your weekends and vacations on what you enjoy.


A growing number of research confirm that exercise can prolong our lives, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, reduce the risk of heart attack, reduce stress, and many other health problems. Our body is built for physical activity. However, most people simply ignore this fact.

Once you create a habit, it will become easier. You will notice that after a morning exercise, a dance lesson or a run in the park, your well-being improves, and your mood, thanks to increases. 

You will achieve the best results if you regularly do three types of exercises: strength (to maintain levels of certain hormones and maintain muscle mass), aerobic (to strengthen the cardiovascular system) and flexibility exercises (to prevent arthritis and problems with posture).

Our recommendation is cycling. It is a great way to combine a few tips from the list in one. You can be in nature, breathe fresh air, exercise and spend good quality time with your loved ones – all in one! If you take children on a bike ride, check the kids’ bikes for sale.

Drink lots of green tea.

The birds on the branch already know how important it is to hydrate. At every step, they remind us how much water we need. However, in addition to water, there are some other invaluable drinks. One of them is green tea. According to scientists, phytonutrients contained in green tea slow down the ageing process and reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to the polyphenols that this drink is rich in, hippocampal cell renewal is accelerated, resulting in improved memory and learning ability.

Gallotannin, another substance in green tea, helps repair brain structures after a stroke. A study in Japan showed that regular consumption of this drink could help maintain clarity of mind in adulthood.


As you can see, preserving mental and physical health is not hard but necessary. The best thing is that you can do all these things while enjoying yourself. You just need a little order in your life and a strong will. At first, it may be hard, but it is worth it. Trust us. Stay healthy and safe.


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