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Benefits Of Using Metal Halide Or Flexi-Color Street Lamps

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Street lamps are a source of illumination especially for older and darker roads and alleys. They are often mounted overhead or suspended below ground. Some are fixed, while others can be folded. These devices can either be fixed to the ground, hung from a ceiling mount or stood in a small gap.

A street light, lamp post, lamppost or pole is an elevated, illuminated source of illumination from the side of a sidewalk or street. These are commonly found on busy streets or alleys where human movement is more frequent than on other less-busy roads. These are also called “visitor” lights, “light post” or “street light.” These lights are intended to give guidance to people, animals and cars as well as to illuminate way points. Similar lights are also found on a railroad platform. The majority of street lights are powered by electricity or batteries.

Street lamps have different purposes and applications in different settings. Some use traditional engineering and architectural plans, while others apply the benefits derived from flexible or configurable lighting solutions. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits derived from these types of lighting solutions and they are becoming increasingly used across a wide variety of applications. For instance:

Visibility: one of the most important benefits of using street lamps is their visibility. There are two primary benefits of this type of lighting. The first is the direct visibility, which is provided by the bright light coming from the lamp. This far outweighs the benefits of providing general or accent lighting. In the case of street lamps, the light from the lamp directs them towards the destination it illuminates and enhances the traffic flow at that location get information about : Ulicne svetilke.

Illumination: illumination is another major advantage of using these types of street lighting. Traditional engineering designs always produced small bulbs at the end of long poles. But today’s modern street lighting devices are equipped with halogen bulbs that are highly energy efficient. Moreover, they can provide brightness over a wide spectrum of colors due to the addition of blue laser technology.

Accident Protection: one major advantage of electric street lights is their safety and security. Traditional systems require electrical connections and cords running all over the area of illumination. Additionally, they require frequent disconnection to prevent accidents. However, modern systems use modern technology that prevent disconnection and offer long lasting life span for both the Public Lighting System as well as for the Electrical Cable.

Safety and Security: the illumination offered by modern street lighting systems is quite amazing. They can be seen from far and cover huge distances. These factors make them highly suitable and ideal for areas such as parks, alleys, footpaths, etc. Besides, the advanced technology used in these devices ensures safety and security. In case of emergency, the electric lamps can easily switch on and off providing ample cover to the Public Lighting System. And in case of a power cut, the electric lamps would automatically switch on and run for few minutes until the power comes back.

Lower Pressure Sodium Lamp: another important advantage of using metal halide or yellow sun glasses is their lower pressure discharge. As compared to other standard sodium lamps, they release less sodium and hence no amount of heat generated in the form of vapor is generated when compared to other standard lamps. This results in significant energy savings as well as reduced health risk caused by glare. It is one of the major reasons why many cities across America have switched over to these new public lighting fixtures.


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