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Benefits of Solar Hot Water Systems

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There are many benefits of hot water systems for household water heating systems. This type of system is a very efficient and inexpensive way to heat water in your home on a large scale. In addition, it offers a number of environmental benefits as well. It is a cost effective way to get hot water for all household uses.

There are two basic types of hot water systems currently use in the United States, open loop and gravity flow systems. The open loop system must be design for maximum energy efficiency, minimum cost, minimum waste, and minimum maintenance.

This type of system consists of PV panels, batteries for storing energy, pumps, piping, and a distribution system. The gravity flow system operates using a storage reservoir and a photo-voltaic (solar) heat pump. This system can reduce energy costs by as much as 30%.

There are many maintenance costs associate with a solar hot water systems for household systems. The primary costs are for parts and labor. Parts can be costly, but they are essential to keep the system running smoothly.

Labor can be expensive if you have to hire someone to come out and service the system on a regular basis. But if you use your solar system for less than a full month in a year, then it will save you money, even though the savings will not appear right away.


The benefit to using solar water heating systems is the space savings. Since these systems require less space than traditional systems, you will have more space available for other uses. If you use the system for less than a month, then you will have enough energy store to heat the water in your house, while your neighbors’ systems are running. As a result, your utility bills will be lower because the space use is less than traditional systems.

A major benefit of hot water systems that are install professionally is the safety features included. Closed loop systems are the most popular variety, and they have been tested and certified to be safe for the environment. Closed loop systems are designed to regulate the amount of vapor that seeps into the ground.

These systems also have a backup power generator that kicks in if the main system fails. Some of these systems have an emergency stop button that allows you to shut down your system before it causes damage to your property.

The benefits of solar hot water systems can be applied to your home. You may want to consider a passive system. A passive system heats the water from the sun using photovoltaic cells but uses no fuel or electricity. As a result, it is more environmentally friendly. The benefits of solar water heaters that are install professionally will depend on the specific setup and materials used.


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