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Benefits of Heat Therapy for Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is the common problem which is faced by most of us. Sometimes it becomes intolerable and you need to rush to a physician. Apart from medicines, you can try several other ways through which the lower back pain can be lower. You can experience lower back pains even at a tender age. This is why it is better if you follow a regular exercise program. This can give you relief to some extent. You can also use a water heater to escape from lower back pains.

Best uses and benefits of using heat therapy:

In this part, you will learn about the benefits of using heat therapy to get relief from lower back pains.

  • Heat therapy best in healing process:

It has been found in numerous cases that heat therapy is best for healing process. It helps to heal by increasing blood flow to the muscles. This is something good for your lower back portion. It increases the blood flow and delivers more oxygen in the blood. The sensory nerves responses to the heat by the release of chemical messengers. Thus both the applied heat and the increasing blood flow will assist the skin temperature to match the bodies core temperature.

  • Heat is good for calming muscle spasms:

On the other part, it is seen that heat is also good in calming or lowering down the muscle spasms. Because of muscle spasms, circulation of blood is restrict. This increases the pain to a great extent. But if you press heat on the lower back area, you will soon observe less pain on that portion. You need to continue this process for an extended period to experience the best result. It would help if you try it.

  • Heat helps in reducing pain caused by stiffness:

Many times, it is observe that stiffness is one of the primary cause for pains. If you apply heat, it will reduce stretching of the tissues around the spine and muscle areas. Regular application of heat can decrease stiffness and injury on the back portion. It can also increase range of motion. It is also helpful in strengthening the movement of the trunk. An overall lower of pain will give you comfort. You will love to get back to your normal life. Slowly the stiffness in the body will be reduce.

  • Heat is good for therapeutic exercises:

You can also use heat therapy during therapeutic exercise period. You must have notice that heat therapy is applies to the lower back area before any therapeutic exercise. It will assist you to carry out stretching in the best possible manner. Many physiotherapy centers prefer to apply the heat therapy to their patients. This is good for their health and they will never experience any adverse effect after the therapy.

  • Heat therapy is good in interrupting pain signals:

It is seen in several cases that heat therapy is excellent in activating the sensitive calcium channels. These channels can block the pain receptors and stimulate other sensory channels to reduce the pain through indirect method or process. This is the reason why heat therapy is often applied.

  • Heat therapy is good in producing relaxation chemicals:

Heat therapy is good in reducing any mental stress or anxiety. It also reduces oxidative stress on chemical level. You have seen that in many spa centers the specialists use hot therapy, stone therapy and hot tower therapy to the customers. This gives them immediate relaxation and they feel refreshing. It is also good for the health.

  • Heat therapy is best in increasing immunity level:

If you want to improve or uplift your immunity level, you must prefer using heat therapy. It stimulates the immune system of the body to a good extent. Hot baths are always ideal for human bodies. Most physicians prescribe and suggest taking hot baths whenever possible. It will lower your tension level in the body. You can also try visiting sauna and spa places to try the heat therapy. It can introduce some positive impact in your body. You will feel fresh and have a good impact both physically and mentally.

  • Heat therapy is better than medications:

Research has also proved that heat therapy is far better than medications. It is one of the cost-effective modes of reducing medicine costs. Heat therapy will bring good results if you practice it regularly. On the other hand, use of medicines can introduce some side effects on the body. It may not work well for an elongated period. However, if you stick to the heat therapy it will work like magic and you will experience best results. Many hospitals and clinics have started using this therapy and they are satisfied with the service.

How to introduce heat therapy in the body?

You have two ways through which you can apply heat therapy. One is through dry mode and the other is moist mode. Dry heat therapy is preferred because of its consistent temperatures and easy to use process. It is also portable in many cases. On the other hand, moist heat is most preferred for penetrating deeper into the muscle tissues. This will help in increasing blood flow in the body. Through this process you can reduce the pain in the lower back portion of the body.

You can get the most effective heat therapy process in various gyms, spas and health centers. You can also try various heat wraps. These wraps will help you to stay warm and comfortable. The temperature remains 104 degree Fahrenheit for 6 to 8 hours. It is good if you try the heat gel packs. They also work effectively. If you heat the pack for 30 to 60 second on a microwave it can be use. The heat in a gel pack lasts for 30 minutes. You must try utilizing it. The problem of lower back pain can also be dealt with a heat therapy. Any other mode can bring adverse effect on the body if used for an extended period.


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