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10 Major Benefits of Educational Apps

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Outdated traditional learning methods are on the path of becoming obsolete, making way for modern eLearning models. Educational apps are already paving a more advanced path for teachers and students alike. EdTech is already revolutionizing training programs and educational courses.

Maximum knowledge retention and increased engagement are just the beginning of what educational apps can bring to the table. The educational app market is projected to grow by more than $70 billion in just 5 years,

and hence the education industry and other interested businesses must know the wide range of benefits offered by educational apps.

10 major benefits experienced when using educational apps:

Modern Learning Techniques Educational app :

Educational apps can be used to integrate technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality for the most immersive learning experience. AR/VR can be used to teach concepts that can’t be perceived physically in the real world like Quantum Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Human Anatomy, etc.


This technique can maximise engagement among students. By implementing game-like elements in an educational environment, teachers can solve the biggest problem in traditional learning methods: Distraction. Gamification techniques like puzzles, rewards, winning badges, leaderboards, point-system, difficulty levels, etc. can captivate the students’ attention and deliver valuable knowledge at the same time.

24X7 Access: 

Mobile phones can be accessed almost anywhere, making it easy for students to browse course materials whenever requires without any barriers.

Unlimited Course Material:

Educational apps can offer limitless course materials like notes and books from all over the internet, eliminating the need to search, buy and carry books altogether. Students have access to an unlimited source of educational content.

Parent-Teacher Communication: 

Most times with traditional learning methods, the parents are out of the loop when it comes to their children’s education. Educational apps can bridge the gap between parents and teachers, enabling a clear path of communication for receiving feedback whenever needed.

Personalized Learning: 

Another major drawback of traditional learning methods is generalised courses or study materials. Every student is different with different needs and attention spans. Educational apps can be used to design personalised course content for different students to suit their needs for a comfortable learning experience.

Cost-Effective Solution: 

Instead of paying for rented classrooms and additional staff, educational application provide an easy and simplified way of spreading knowledge.

Performance Tracking: 

Students’ performance can be tracked in real-time on educational application to immediately fill the gaps in knowledge and help the students in need.

Instant Updates: 

Any changes in the course or education guidelines can be put into effect immediately

it doesn’t take much time to update content on the educational application.

Knowledge Retention: 

Multimedia course content, as opposed to reading, provides maximum knowledge retention. With games, images and videos, students can be completely attentive and retain knowledge with ease.

With these significant benefits, educational apps can evolve training and learning to a whole new level. Additionally, the ongoing pandemic has made it necessary for students and teachers to try online eLearning methods, and they are quite fruitful.

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