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Benefits of Digital Warranty Solutions In 2021 | LetsVeriFy

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Before the emergence of digital solutions, there was a lot of paperwork to check the validity of the warranty coverage. But, it demanded enormous time

and effort. Digitized warranty solutions came as a perfect solution to this problem by automating the business processes and workflows. It registers promptly with the manufacturer, checks counterfeiting, organizes claims, boosts consumer engagement, gives a customer data platform to capitalize marketing campaigns, and performs a lot more! Here are some of its visible benefits: 

  • A complete package in the true sense

It’s an end-to-end solution that registers the customer’s details with a quick scan and confirms through SMS or email. It enables even the smaller teams to manage the warranty requests with the customer’s details recorded in the manufacturer’s database. 

  • Informs the brands timely

The product is verified from manufacturing to the delivery process. It gives updates if there is any discrepancy. It helps the brands to maintain their goodwill by selling authentic products in the market. 

  • Brands can even track the success of their warranty program by analyzing the reports and data provided by digital solutions in the warranty systems. It comes with intelligent dashboards that offer relevant insights to make better decisions for the business. 
  • Get product feedback Saves the customers from counterfeited products 

By scanning the QR Code present on the product with a smartphone or any other digital device, customers can identify whether it is genuine or not. When they ensure the authenticity of the product through digital warranty solutions, it builds their trust. 

  • Enables data analytics 

The aim of providing the product warranty is to win the trust of the customers to retain them. This digital solution enables the customers to give product feedback through email or SMS. Brands can do the follow-up and solve the queries of customers to drive engagement. 
LetsVeriFy Digital warranty and anti-counterfeiting solutions are successfully contributing to digital transformation. It is just the beginning. There’s a lot more to come!


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