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Benefits and Side Effects of Sleeve Surgery and Ellipse Balloon

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Ellipse Balloon:

The whole system of ellipse balloon surgery requires 15 minutes for its completion. Unlike other surgeries, it does not require Endoscopy. It works in the same way as other gastric balloons. The person feels full even if he eats less due to the balloon placed inside the stomach. All you have to do is visit the right health practitioner, swallow the balloon in their presence. The balloon passes out of your body through the digestive system when the time is right. You can have ellipse balloon or sleeve surgery by Doctor Girish Juneja, one of the greatest laparoscopic and bariatric Surgeons in Dubai.

You should visit your health practitioner every week to keep a check on the progress of the surgery and administrate your loss in weight; once the balloon is placed inside your stomach, one can experience major changes in their body in less than 16 weeks if they take proper care of their diet and workout on a daily basis after the balloon has been positioned. It not only helps people in losing weight but also regulates their eating and working habits.

Are you Eligible for Ellipse Balloon?

Elipse balloon Dubai is ideal for people who cannot work out, afraid of surgeries, or asthma patients. Also, it is appropriate for patients only who have their body mass index greater than 27.

Side effects of ellipse balloon:

Although an ellipse balloon is preferred because it does not require endoscopy yet there are some disadvantages. There have been complaints regarding this procedure. Patients may suffer from nausea and vomiting after the balloon has been placed in the stomach no matter how hard they stick to the diet plan and work out daily. Also, various bleeding troubles are faced by patients when the balloon is inserted into their stomach or eliminated through the digestive system. Ellipse Balloon can also cause abdominal pain and irritation in a few patients.

Sleeve Surgery:

Unlike ellipse surgery, this procedure requires a surgical operation for weight loss. In this procedure, the patient gets rids of almost 75% of his stomach and it takes the shape of a “sleeve” or a tube. Due to the smaller size, the patient feels full after consuming a small amount of food. First, it was only done on super-obese patients, but now people having their body mass index greater than 40 can have it.


Statistically, patients can lose almost 60% of their excess weight through the gastric sleeve, which can increase if he sticks to the diet plan, works out daily, and follows behavioral recommendations. Gastric Sleeve Dubai cannot be reversed, unlike other adjustable gastric band and gastric bypass surgeries. It does not include implantation of any foreign body and does not require rearrangement of complex intestines after the surgery. It reduces the level of a hormone called ghrelin in the body. It is commonly referred to as “starvation hormone.”  Patients with diabetes type II often experience a right away decrease in their diabetes medication because ghrelin performs a very significant position in blood sugar metabolism after the sleeve gastrectomy.

Disadvantages of Sleeve Gastrectomy

Like other surgical methods, sleeve gastrectomy is non-reversible. As a result, the price of early surgical headaches is similar to standard gastric passes. In addition, patients are in danger of lengthy-term nutrient deficiencies.


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