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Beginner Makeup Products that you must-have

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Want to look like models or want to know about makeup products but don’t know how to start? Here are the solutions for you. Let’s start learning together about basic beginner makeup products that every one must-have.

Confuse about Makeup products here is the list?

             Makeup is not about only using expensive makeup products but also solve your skin issues and look good. So before investing in Beginner makeup products start investing in skincare products.

  • TONER: After washing the face your first step is using a toner. It removes dirt and impurities stuck in the open-pore of your skin. You should have this beginner makeup product always to your list. 
  1.       If you have oily skin then use an alcohol-free toner.
  2.       Dry skin user can apply hydrating toner.
  3.       Having an acne problem then go for tea tree toner.

  •  MOISTURIZER: Before start makeup, uses a moisturizer on your face. It hydrates your skin and protects its moisture barrier. So it is good for your skin if you use a lightweight moisturizer, it absorbs easily in your skin. 
Moisturizer Beginners makeup
  •  PRIMER: Primer is the necessary thing because it provides the base of any makeup. Using a primer is the first thing you have to do when you want to do your makeup. It prevents sliding or oxidising the makeup from your skin. Primer gives your skin a smooth texture and minimizes open pores and redness from your skin.

                          1.  If you have oily skin, then go for a silicon-based primer

2. if you have dry skin, use radiance primer. 

Concealer Beginner makeup product
  • FOUNDATION: Foundation is the main thing that gives your face a flawless look.  Foundation shade should be close to your skin colour. Before purchasing a foundation always apply it to your face or jawline. As your need, you can choose a high-coverage/ medium-coverage foundation.  You can also use CC/BB cream for the low coverage.                    

          Tip. For better results use a damp beauty blender sponge and blend it. 

Foundation beginner makeup products
  • CONCEALER: Concealer helps to cover the dark circles, blemishes and redness under your eyes. You can choose your concealer as liquid cream or stick base depending on the coverage you want. If you want a no-makeup look, you can skip it.
Beginner makeup product
  • TRANSLUCENT POWDER: It uses for setting your makeup. Translucent powder is  After applying under-eye concealer you have to apply a generous powder coat over it. 
  • EYESHADOW PALETTE: Your collections of eyeshadow palettes may differ as your choice of creating your eye look. But as a beginner, you can pick a nude eyeshadow palette. What we love most about a nude eyeshadow palette is how it consists of all the colours you’ll need to create a perfect natural makeup look.  
  •  EYELINER: Eyeliner is the best makeup product for beginners. You can create any eye look using depth of eyeliner such as Basic, Smooth, Drama eye look etc. There are many colours available such as Blue, Black, Silver, Golden but as a beginner, you can invest in only black eyeliner.
Beginner makeup product
  • KAJAL: Kajal mainly uses the lower and upper waterline of your eyes. You can also use black kajal to create a smokey eye look.
Beginner makeup product
  • LIPSTICKS: As a beginner your best makeup product for lips is lipstick. You should have nude lipstick and dark lipstick according to your makeup and dress you can apply the colour. 
Beginner makeup product
Beginners makeup products
  • BLUSH & HIGHLIGHTER:  Give your complexion a warm dose with blush and add a natural glow with a highlighter.
Beginner makeup product
Blush & Highlighter
  • SETTING SPRAY: After all your makeup did you have to use a setting spray. It ensures that your makeup stays in place and protects against smudges.
makeup fixer

So those are the Beginner makeup products that every one must-have. But one thing we all should remember is that makeup is enhancing our real beauty not cover it up. You can use these beginner makeup products accordingly to your choice to boost up your confidence about your makeup.


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