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Bedbug Bites vs. Mosquito Bites: How to Tell the Difference

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Both mosquitoes and bedbug are quite a nuisance to deal with. They both make things harder for a human being. Their presence is so much hated because of their bites. One bite is enough to send you on an itching frenzy. These bites may or may not be dangerous and that mainly depends on the person’s sensitivity. 

To treat their bites, you should first know who has bitten you in the first place. Both their bites are so similar that one can get confused. Having the proper knowledge can help you determine the right treatment procedure to treat you effectively. Here are a few ways that can help in differentiating between bedbugs and mosquito bites.

Symptoms of Mosquito Bites


The bites are slightly raised, small, and reddish in color. It varies in size and shape and it is due to the person’s reaction to the mosquito’s saliva injected into the body.


Occasionally you can get one or several mosquito bites. Scattered all over the place. It is never in one line but randomly bitten.


Mosquitoes don’t need any exposed skin to bite. Their needles can penetrate any clothing and puncture the skin to inject their saliva inside the body.

Itch Factor

The degree of itchiness depends upon the sensitivity of the skin of a person. A sensitive person can feel 10 times more itching than what a normal person may experience. In certain instances, a simple mosquito bite can lead to blistering of the skin.

Even though the mosquito bite is not a grave condition but sometimes a person getting bitten by the mosquito may lead to an anaphylactic reaction. The life-threatening allergic reaction can cause throat swelling, hives, and sometimes have difficulty in breathing.

Symptoms of Bedbug Bites


The bedbug bites may appear like a pimple, puffy and red. You will find a red dot in the center of the wound, where the insect bites you and suck blood. People who are sensitive to bites are mostly filled with fluids.


You will notice that bites are followed in a straight line. They often occur in a group of three or more.


Bedbugs need exposing skin to bite. When the exposed part of the body comes in contact with the bed or cloth. This includes your hands, neck, face, etc. They can also stick to your clothing and bite you whenever they get a chance.

Itch Factor

The bites of bedbugs can be very irritating and itchy. The pain or the itch is worse in the morning that can gradually worsen as the day comes to an end.

The bedbug bite can get infected if not treated properly. What are the signs of infected bedbug lesions?

  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Fever
  • Lymph node close to the bite swelling

Reaction Time of the Bites

Bedbug bites don’t always cause skin reactions. But in case there is a reaction it can be delayed by an hour or days. This is the main reason why it is so hard to treat the person with bedbug bites. Till the person understands that he has been bit, it is too late and the wound gets severely infected.

Whereas talking about mosquito bites, it takes just seconds for one to know that they have been bit. To be exact it takes approx. 6 seconds for the body to react. The itch can become visible in no time and mostly gets better within one or two days.

Bite Treatment for Mosquito and Bedbug Bites

No matter who bites you, to recover from it, one needs proper treatment. In case you are planning to leave it as it is, the wound may get infectious in some cases. This could make things worse. The best way to deal with a bite is to keep the area clean and dry. If possible, disinfect it and let it dry.

You may feel like itching your heart out, but that will be a bad thing to do. So, avoid scratching or itching them. This can irritate the skin and increase the chances of getting infected. So, how one should confront the bedbug or mosquito bite. Let’s see how.

Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are not that grave to be treated medically. Still, if have too much itching and swelling from the mosquito bite, you can apply cold tea bags, aloe vera gel, honey, etc. as part of a home remedy. However, if this doesn’t work then you can go for over-the-counter medicines to help you with the inflammation, itching, and prevent infection such as benzocaine, lidocaine, antihistamine, etc. Try to keep the infected area as clean as possible. For this, you can use soap and water.

Bedbug Bites

Bedbug bites are normal if your house has a bedbug infestation. If you see bite marks made by the bed bugs, then you can treat it at home without a doctor’s prescription. You can try a few of the treatments such as:

  • Application of cold compress on the infected area
  • Oral anti-histamine can be taken like for instance, Benadryl.
  • One can also apply a steroid cream or topical anti-itch cream on the infected area.

The best way to stop the bedbugs from harassing you is to take care of bedbug infestation at home. Having even one of them in your house is like inviting the whole army of them. They can stay alive for more than a year and think how they could trouble all this time. to avoid such instances, it is best to hire a begumpet pest control service provider to eliminate them from your house once and for all. The experts will check the areas thoroughly for the bedbugs and remove their presence from your house.

As they are minute creatures it is hard to spot them and remove them. For this purpose, you need a professional who can use adequate products and equipment to get the job done perfectly. In the meantime, make sure you maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the house as much as possible.


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