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This is the generation of technology, and almost all of us now have access to mobile phones and the Internet. The Internet was first introduced to share intellectual property and for learning purposes, later pitched in the ideology of entertainment, which gave rise to social media. Social media is a platform where one can share their emotions or feelings as text-based or visual-based posts. In recent times, the craze of social media is enormous, and people are addicted to it, especially teens and kids. 

This social media is now of various kinds. The leading examples are Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, which are all owned by one person apparently, and snapchat. Each one stands out with its own features, and that’s what is making it sustain in this highly competitive arena.

And then there’s one more, which is silently making its way to the queue. This is entirely different from all the leading social media platforms, which is highly competitive and has an increased chance of sustaining. It is called “Clubhouse”. We have come across many social media apps and audio apps, but this one is a combination of both; yes! You are reading this right. Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. Now, what is this clubhouse all about? Let’s find them out.

What is audio – only social media platforms?

This is a unique platform where the user gets to share whatever he or she feels in an audio format without sharing their visuality. The clubhouse is a platform where the users can host meetings and interact with people regarding any topic that interests them. It is a platform for discussion of thoughts on various topics with like-minded people. 

How does the Clubhouse stand out from others?

The main factor that aids clubhouse to stand out from its competitors are its features. The Clubhouse comes with loaded features. Let’s look on to some of its features,

  • Managing user profiles:

The user’s profile is customizable. The name, profile picture etc., are set according to the convenience of the user.

  • Social integrations:

It creates a platform for various people to interact on a specific topic and therefore enhances the thought process and learning experience through an effective chat room session.

  • Chat or messaging:

This feature enables the users to interact textually with one another; when voices fail, words speak!

  • Portrait or landscape view:

This app also supports both portrait and landscape views enabling users to use this application according to their convenient angles.

  • Geolocation:

It allows users to share the geolocation, which enables them to find people from the same geological areas to interact with.

  • In-app purchases:

The app also contains in-app purchasing items, which enables the users to access additional features.

  • Payment integration:

This app is supported by many payment portals, which makes it easy for users while performing monetary transactions.

Why is Clubhouse a phenomenon? 

Although Clubhouse hasn’t officially shared its total number of registered users or downloads, the CEO of this company once stated that this app had grown around 2 million weekly active users. It means that the app’s monthly active users and total registered users would be in huge numbers. Other sources state that the total users estimate around 6 million to 10 million, which is a humongous number. According to the mentioned numerical, This application is experiencing explosive growth, thus making it a notable phenomenon.

So if you are looking to start your venture on the social media market, then the wise choice will be to go for clone applications. After witnessing the statistically proven success of Clubhouse, it would definitely be a worthy investment to build an app like Clubhouse.

Why should you use Clubhouse Clone Apps?

Clone apps are pre-built ready to deploy applications that can be further customized according to the needs of the customer. These Clubhouse clone solutions come with loaded features, and these are few add-ons,

  • A community for coaches and trainers:

These apps are designed in a manner that the trainers get to interact with the coaches and become better at what they do. A community of people who teach and preach should be celebrated by the community.

  • Podcast communities:

Podcasts are a series of audios that are divided into episodes that convey the spoken words as audios.

  • A network that contains experts:

This type of apps enable users to build or join networks that contain experts; they may be from different areas of expertise. Thus allowing the users to learn and explore new things.

  • Collaboration with professionals:

Professional collaboration is always a positive aspect, and with clubhouse, the users get to interact with various professionals as per the availability and requirements.

  • Virtual events:

In the current pandemic scenario, almost all the events are happening virtually. Apparently, these clone apps do take this into consideration and ensure that this feature has been included while developing the clubhouse alternative app.

What does it take to build an app like Clubhouse?

Developing an app like Clubhouse is now very simple. All it requires is creativity and innovation and a small amount of investment because nothing comes for free. Once you are ready, you just have to do the following procedures,

  • Finding an app developer:

There are several app development companies in the market which are functioning to fulfil the needs of their customers. Once you find the suitable one, propose a deal with the app developer.

  • Selecting the right from demos:

The app developing companies will have several pre-built applications, and you get to choose one after viewing the demos of the product.

  • Alterations and change implementation:

Once a Clubhouse clone app is finalized, the suggestions for alterations and changes will be taken from the customer. You can get all the changes and alterations done to make your app stand unique.

  • Running trials:

Before launching an app, it should be out for trial runs where the minor issues get fixed, if there’s any. The ultimate goal of such trials are to ensure the smooth and best user experience for an app.

  • Kick start to enter the market:

Now, you are all set to enter the market and become an undisputable entrepreneur in the field of social media applications. 

Final Thoughts 

By now, you would have already started to think about innovating an app like Clubhouse. If not, then it’s high time you get into the business. Social media applications have tremendous track records, and they can be an immortal business segment. So what are you waiting for? Get established with an app development company and get started.

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