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All about the Beato Smart Glucometer

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Beato Smart Glucometer is a piece of electronic equipment that is practiced to measure the blood glucose levels of the diabetic person anytime and anywhere in the home itself with just following a few simple steps. Measuring and monitoring blood glucose levels is now very easy with the BeatO’s smart glucose meter. Basically, the BeatO smart glucometer is a device used within a phone and this can be bought online on the eCommerce platforms or from the beato’s website by simply searching Glucometer online.

Also, a glucometer online maintains the proper log or history of all the old blood sugar readings in order to know the pattern of the sugar levels of the diabetic person. With this type of glucose meter, a person who is suffering from diabetes can easily make changes in their diet to maintain their blood glucose levels and act healthy.

The BeatO smart glucometer comes with a warranty of 1 year, which means it can be replaced within the 1 year warranty period if required. Also, the BeatO smart glucose meter can be connected with an Android or even with the iOS Smartphone with the help of the jack given in the phone for audio purposes The plus point is that it does not require internet in any of its operations or functions.

Plus, in addition, BeatO’s smart glucose meter does not required any batteries. The BeatO smart glucose meter is launched by Changsha Sinocare Inc. It is made up and developed or its Country of Origin is China.

The following are the major characteristics of BeatO smart glucometer:

1. It has a very compact design.

2. It is easy to carry.

3. It can be connected with the smartphone with smartphone’s jack that is given for the audio.

4. BeatO smart glucometer works smoothly on both smartphones.

5. It is the Clinically approved electronic device available in the market.

6. BeatO smart glucose meter is CE certified and also ISO Certified.

7. It helps the diabetic person in seeing the trends and analysis through simple graphs.

8. It also helps the diabetic person in Constant monitoring of the blood sugar levels.

9. Also, it gives automatic warning signals to keep people like friends and family notified about the blood glucose levels of the diabetic person.

10. The BeatO smart glucose meter is very easy to use and understand its working is very understanding for all.

The following things are Included in the glucometer online:

1. The BeatO SMART Glucometer Kit consists of the following things:

  • A  BeatO’s Smartphone Glucose meter to measure the diabetes
  • A Lancing Device to monitor blood glucose levels
  • A  Travel Pouch that is waterproof
  • A  User Manual

2. 50  Test Strips for checking the diabetes

3. 50  pieces of Lancets

With the help of the BeatO smart glucose meter, a diabetic person Does not just Monitor diabetes but also Manage Diabetes. The BeatO Smart glucose meter kit has been developed in a way that will give the diabetic person a lot of benefits in daily life. Moreover, it has been developed with the latest technology. Moreover, glucometer online is a remarkably small and compact device to use. The BeatO smart glucometer is a very small device that is very easy and comfortable to use. Moreover, it can be carried in the pocket as well while traveling. Also, in addition, it is waterproof in nature.

The BeatO smart glucose meter is a Clinically approved device with complete accuracy. It is CE certified and also ISO certified that take care and keep the proper attention to the necessary protocols for accuracy. It is made up of top quality with its round lancets. It has round points that make the painless prick. This lancing device and lancets are so much effective in nature and they require very less amount for blood samples.

BeatO Smart glucose meter has an easy plus Advanced measuring system. With the help of the BeatO smart glucometer, we can save and also organize blood sugar readings in the log system of the device. Plus, it has a colour system also that helps the diabetic person in order to identify high, low, and normal blood sugar levels reading. Also, a diabetic person can understand sugar levels with the help of graphs, charts, and trends shown in the device.

The following are some frequently asked questions about the BeatO smart glucose meter:

Why we should consider the BeatO smart glucose meter over any other brand available in the market?

With the help of the BeatO smart glucose meter, a diabetic person can monitor his blood sugar levels or blood glucose levels like a pro on the BeatO smart glucometer app with its life-saving features to save and analyze the blood sugar levels. Along with it, the BeatO smart glucose meter app has 24 x 7 support with which you can get the help and support of experts and doctors.


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