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Battle Born RV Lithium Battery Products

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We must admit that batteries are always necessary for every situation. Our phones, power banks, laptops, and even cars cannot operate conveniently without any power supply. Besides, they are an important source of energy. However, some of them are not always durable and safe to use. As for today’s topic, we will review one of the top brands in this field; Battle Born.

It will be about the best Lithium RV Battery review of Battle Born Products. It will serve as a guide in selecting their RV Batteries among the many products they offer.

So without any further narration, let us start our discussion!

What is Battle Born?

Battle Born is a company based in the United States of America (USA) that utilizes the power of LiFePO4 or Lithium Iron Phosphate. They aim to provide efficient, stable, and environment-friendly yet powerful. The company utilizes green energy, not just because of the trend, but because of their goal to provide clean and renewable energy for the benefit of everyone.

They already produced the best accumulator that can be found on the market. The personnel also provide customer service for the convenience of their buyers. Moreover, they are still working to develop more products for everyone.

What are Li-Batteries?

Before we introduce and give critiques to the products of Battle Born, let us first identify what is good about them.

When you compare it to regular lead-acid, the difference between them is that they can handle deeper cycling. Lead-acids can suffer damage when doing deep cycling, in which it doesn’t. In terms of their lifespan, they have the upper hand.

Besides, one of the best properties of it is the lightweightness, and it takes less space compared to others. When it comes to convenience, they perfectly suit the equipment, especially recreational vehicles.

Recharging also concerns the satisfaction of the users, wherein they take less time to recharge. And uses less energy when being charged by a generator. A great property about this is that you don’t have to fully recharge it which is ideal for solar applications.

Therefore, Lithium Batteries are enough to conclude that Battle Born is truly a great power supply to use in different electronics, particularly RVs.

Best Battle Born Li-Battery Products

In this part of our discussion, we will enumerate multiple products of Battle Born. The reviews are based on the quality of the product, and some testimonials of users. In which, the following products are proven to be best:

Battle Born 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle

Customers expressed their satisfaction with this product as it is top of the deep cycle lithium-ion technology. It is lightweight with 31 pounds, 100 amp-hour, and 12 volts. It is ideal for RV owners as it does not consume that much space, and it can perform 3000-5000. Furthermore, it releases constant 100Ah, and can release 200Ah if surge current happens.

Battle Born 12V 270Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle GC3

Makers behind the production of this item really wanted to change the tides. It is known as BBGC3, and has 12 volts, 270 amp hour, and LiFePO4 system that can also perform deep cycling. It is one of the unique products you can encounter on the market. With the utilization of a stable LiFePO4 system and a built-in management (BBM) system.

The battery is also lightweight compared to other products, with only 80 pounds. BBGC3 is great when you want to maximize the space and storage with its 270 amp-hour power. It is capable of 100% depth of discharge and 5% faster than lead-acid.

Battle Born 24V 50Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle

Currently, this is the only one that has 24 volts. It only weighs 31 pounds and can perform 3000-5000 cycles. It is compatible with smart and inverter chargers that can accept voltage of 28.4 – 29.2. It also has a built-in management system and uses LiFePO4 like the other products of the company.

Battle Born 12V 270Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle 8D

The BB8D looks like your everyday 8D battery; on the other hand, it is much lighter than a regular lead-acid 8D accumulator. It utilizes LiFePO4 and also has a built-in management system. BB8D discharges energy 5 times faster than lead-acid ones. It can perform a discharge depth of 100% and is truly the best for you to have on the go.

Are Battle Born Products Worth It?

At last, after enumerating the best products of the company, one question is undoubtedly in your mind. Are they worth it?


If you will be comparing the products of Battle Born to others, it is undeniable that Battle Born is more lightweight. With a powerful energy discharge and storage, and is not heavy, it is indeed an ideal product to have in your RV.


Others need maintenance from time to time. However, with the built-in management system, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance as it will automatically maintain its great and healthy performance.


Technology matters. With the advancing innovations, technology is getting much better in which it benefits us humans. Thus, Battle Born utilizes a powerful technology that is Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4 Technology. With the composition of this item, it can last longer and outperformed many products, especially the lead-acid ones.

Price. It may be expensive for some, but the quality will meet your expectations. With the aforementioned products of the company, you can already read the various descriptions that it is truly an awesome and wholesome product to purchase.


Knowing the company that produces products is truly significant when selecting items. High-quality products like the Battle Born Li-Batteries are beneficial to have especially in recreational vehicles (RVs) as it will not disappoint and fail the user. Furthermore, it is important to select a product that can handle the equipment in your RV, as well as your budget for a battery.

Always remember to choose quality and highly-recommended products for the safety and satisfaction of yours. Be safe on your trips, likewise in choosing what you need.


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