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Basic Elements To Consider When Buying a Video Wall Controller

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Dynamic video always makes a huge impact and captures audiences better than a still image ever could. Video walls have become a key piece found in most workplaces today. Organizations use video wall systems for conferences, training programs, collaboration spaces, and in reception lobby areas. Video walls are integrated display units that are controlled by a video wall controller system.

Video wall displays can be highly interactive. They allow organizations in the corporate sector, amongst others, to directly stay connected to their employees and customers. The biggest advantage of using these systems is that you can display a large amount of important information at the same time that can be visualized by many people at once.

Video walls can be designed to any size. This flexibility helps organizations customize their video walls based on their needs depending on where the video wall is to be used within the organization. A good video wall controller adds to this flexibility with ability to mix any kind of content source on any display and manage multiple displays from a single platform throughout the entire organization. Video walls are improving the way employees collaborate and the ways they stay informed with the latest information. This is why organizations need to invest in video walls, along with a high-quality video wall controll systems.

The difference a powerful system can make

One of the main reasons for installing a video wall is to connect with a wider audience. These units help deliver the right message to a selected audience or display lot of information at once to many people.

Video walls can display just about any type of content from videos to images, text, graphics, RSS feeds, applications, web, tv tuners, and more. Content can be used to collaborate, to educate, to inform, and to advertise.

A good video wall controller ensures that you will maximize the performance of every display on the video wall, that you’ll be able to process any type of content and that you will be able to choose how the content is displayed on the wall, which could be in an unlimited combination of ways.

What elements should you consider when selecting the right video wall controller?

There are many different elements to consider. It is important to look at the technical performance and the requirements. The most important elements that should never be overlooked are discussed below.

Resolution Requirements

When you are looking into display resolution, what you’re really looking at is the pixel dimension that can be displayed, which is the maximum number of pixels in each dimension. Resolution is extremely important, especially for a video wall that is used to monitor critical data where the visualization of detailed information is most critical, like in control rooms and emergency centers.

The video wall controller will help maximize the resolution of the displays. An inneficient controller may not be able to display a very high quality image, especially for viewers located at a closer distance. The first point to consider here is to establish the purpose of your video wall and based on the requirements, you will have to determine the resolution that you need..


The first question is whether you’re going to place the video wall indoors or outdoors. These two cases would require very different levels of brightness. For outdoor use, it’s important to select video wall displays or a video wall controller that can regulate brightness.

For indoor installations, you’re typically going to require less brightness. This is an important factor that should be considered in advance. The brightness as well as the color calibration greatly affect the image quality and in certain use cases, such as medical displays, broadcast monitoring, and other professional applications, both the brightness and color calibration are critical. In such application, it is worth investing in a solution that automatically adjusts those settings based on the conditions of the room.

The Purpose

Why are you installing a video wall? Identifying you purpose and objectives is an important first step. Is it for educational purposes such as training or conferences? So Is it for daily use in the corporate workplace such as collaboration and information sharing? Is it for decision making in a control room?

Identifying your application will guide you in identifying what kind of video wall solution you need, whether you have critical information or not, the number of people using the video wall at once, its location, the application running on it, etc…

There is an appropriate and unique solution that is ideal for every application in every space. But there is no one right solution for all needs. Installing a different video wall in every location of your organization. That best suits each space is the right approach. As long as the video wall controller technology is the same for all the video walls. This will give all users the same easy-to-use experience when controlling any video wall in the building. And would also allow information sharing between walls. Having one single centralized management platform is key when deploying several video walls in your organization.

For more information about video wall project design, it is recommended to get advice from professionals. Industry experts at VuWall are happy to provide free design services. VuWall develops video wall control systems that are deployed in control rooms. Universities, government facilities and corporate organizations around the world.


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