Balinese massage

Balinese massage

Originally from Bali, this massage is a combination of tissue and holistic care. Strengthens circulation, soothes muscles and reduces joint pain while providing a feeling of calm. Massage Center in Karama

Composed of acupressure oils and aromas, the Balinese massage generates a blood flow giving oxygen to the nerves. This ancient massage involves various techniques including rolling, rubbing, stroking to calm your mind and soul.

This traditional Indonesian spa treatment is ideal if you want to enjoy a combination of different massage techniques to give you a feeling of well-being. Directly linked to Ayurveda, Balinese massage will also provide you with physical, mental, and spiritual relaxation. Massage Center in Karama

Balinese instantly soothes knotted muscles, stiff back, and sore joints. Sometimes sports injuries can also be treated well with this massage. The aroma of the oils distinguishes it from other massages, as a variety of aromatic oils are used, such as jasmine, rose or sandalwood, as well as Cempaka, sand, and frangipani. The massage oil is used at room temperature and the massage session usually lasts one hour.

Prepare to be pampered as a Balinese massage will relax you in all directions and leave you feeling luxuriously comfortable. This massage is very therapeutic and will stimulate circulation in the body while improving the lymphatic system. The massage therapist will use deep movements to relax tight muscles to relieve tension and improve circulation.

Improve sleep with the Homedics massage chair or mat

Are you tossing and turning all night due to a headache, sore and stiff muscles in your shoulders and legs, persistent back and hip pain, or just can’t get over it? Relax and calm your mind to relax. Many of our health problems are caused or amplified by our inability to sleep.

With so many different types of massage equipment on the market, there is one name you can really trust, and that is Homedics. You will be able to enjoy the relaxation of the mind and the body that will help you sleep as the Homedics massager will soften the muscles and tissues to create a feeling of euphoria and help you release the stress of the day.

Homedics massage products are designed to accommodate different body types based on the preferences and convenience of the person using them. Massage Center in Karama

Homedics Temp Right Massage Cushion

Homedics Temp Right Massage Cushion and Homedics Body Revitalizer 5 Powered Massage Mat with Heat are well-known and reputable products. These amazing products help people who can’t afford the money and time to get a professional massage, they can do it all in the privacy of their own home.

The padded construction of the baffle box has been designed for supreme comfort. Therapeutic massage can have not only external physical benefits but also internal ones. As this mat massages your muscles, it will help with blood and lymphatic circulation, reduce nerve irritation, and can help increase the production of pain-relieving endorphins.

It is ergonomically constructed for optimal comfort and will give you a peaceful or invigorating massage. It also has an adapter for your car so you can drive in luxurious comfort.

There are many reasons why massage and sleep go hand in hand

There are many reasons why massage and sleep go hand in hand. They can help reduce the severity or eliminate headaches, relieve muscle tension that can create lower back pain and strain. Relaxes nervous tension relieves chronic fatigue syndrome and strengthens the immune system. Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and to help with movement, filtration, and the release of toxins. Spa in Karama

These massagers also promote circulation through the tissues, inhibit muscle spasms, either by seducing or stimulating muscles and nerves. It is also useful for managing chronic or acute pain. Sleep is restored and the whole body can heal both physically and emotionally.

After a relaxing massage with the Homedics Temp Right Massage Cushion or the Homedics Revitalizing Body Massage Mat, restful sleep will be restored and restlessness will be a thing of the past.

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