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Back massage pressure points: everything you need to know

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Receiving a back massage has numerous advantages. It can relieve stress, give you deep relaxation, and treat various disorders by releasing tension from your back. Tension and pain in the lower and upper back and shoulders can be relieved with a back massage if it is done over a period of time.

A back massage is done using hand and finger movements on the muscles and tissues of the back called pressure points. There are several tips and techniques that apply to pressure points. More importantly, back massages can help in the following areas: better blood circulation, faster metabolism, and a better immune system. Body Massage in Marina

Various pressure points

There are nerves that are found at various junctions in the body. When pressure is applied to these points, the stimulation has an instant effect on the body. These points are used to treat many ailments using a variety of methods, from massage, acupuncture, and martial arts to reflexology. There are areas of back pressure on the sides of the spine, near the lower back, and on the shoulder blade (s).

• On each shoulder, there is a pressure point. It can be found at the joint that connects the neck and spine. This can be massaged by placing your hands and fingers on the joint and pressing gently but firmly.

• Another set is the junction of the midline between the scapula and the spine. Apply pressure to these points, but be sure not to press directly on the spine.

• The third set of pressure massage points can be performed by simultaneously applying pressure for 30 seconds to each side of the spine near the elbow.

• Applying pressure to points you may find below pelvic level can cause small amounts of pain and pleasure.

Portrait Of Man Receiving Massage Treatment From Female Hand

• The fifth set is near the sides. You can trace it (with pressure) from the back to under the armpits.

• The last set of pressure points is near the back of both shoulders.

Massages can help with tension and stress relief. However, do not apply more pressure if there is a sensation of pain. Chronic back pain, disorders or dislocations should not be treated with massage, can cause additional damage. Using oil and applying gentle but firm pressure during a massage can enhance the experience.

What to expect during a massage?

A massage is a wonderful and relaxing experience, but it can seem overwhelming to a beginner. Many people are not sure what to expect. Here are some things to include in your massage.

His message is usually delivered in a dimly lit room, often with candles and soft music. Usually it’s just you and your therapist in the room together, unless you’re getting a couple’s massage.

Your therapist will show you the room and leave to make you feel comfortable and get on the massage table. Your comfort level is up to you. You can wear shorts, underwear, or nothing at all.

Your body can be covered with a sheet, blanket, or towel. This often protects modest customers and helps keep them warm. Some clients like to talk during the massage and others like to sleep. Often times, the therapist will be inspired by you, whether you feel like talking or not. However, your therapist will ask you questions about your pressure preference and how you feel your massage is going.

Once the massage is complete, your therapist will leave the room, giving you time to collect your thoughts and get dressed. You may feel a little dizzy or dreamy. Above all, you will have the impression of being relaxed. Spa in Naif

Drinking plenty of water after the massage will help remove the by-products released by the massage and promote circulation. A long, hot bath with salts will relax you and further calm your muscles. It is good to relax and enjoy your relaxed state of mind.


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