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B2B Lead Generation – Best Techniques to Boost Sales in 2021

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The only motive behind the companies working so hard is Lead Generation. There is nothing without qualified leads, a business can never prosper in the absence of quality leads who can be converted into a trusted client. 


Many marketers made the mistake of focusing on traffic on their website rather than focusing on generating most of that traffic. 


In B2B sales methodology, there is a motive behind everything a sales rep or marketer does, whether it is following up with leads, nurturing them personally, using ads to persuade, and many more.  Those who master the art of lead generation get success. 


You don’t need a big budget for this task. You just need to understand this concept and your target markets. 


Below stated are the techniques that will help you to get more sales in 2021. 

Content marketing

No one can question the power of content marketing in the B2B lead generation world. It is like a father of all techniques and methodologies. 


Content Marketing brings the best results. The main focus is to write and publish the type of content that is valuable to your target market. It helps in turning your site visitors into customers. 


Some of the common benefits of content marketing are – 


  • Attract attention and encourage leads
  • Build client base
  • Build and increase sales online 
  • Raise brand recognition and awareness


The type of content which works best with the audience is – 


  • In-text –  Blogs, articles, guest posts, brochure
  • In videos – Short videos, infographic video, a demo video, testimonials
  • In audio – podcasts, social media
  • In pictures –  infographics, GIFs


Content marketing helps in SEO, which results in bringing more organic traffic to your website. It helps you to rank your website on top of the search engines.

Paid search marketing 

Paid search marketing is promoting the products or services you offer on different advertising platforms which consists of – Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, AdRoll, Perfect Audience, and more. 


You will have to pay some charges in order to get displayed on these networks. The type of paid search marketing include – 


  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – You will be charged with the cost per click you are getting on your ad. It all relies on the things such as – number of competitors are there for the keyword and variations in search volume. 
  • CPM – it is the cost per mile. The bidding is made on the thousand impression units. 
  • Cost per view – It is for video promotion on google ads or youtube platform, you will be charged for views. 

Social Media Marketing 

When marketers use social media networks like – Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tumblr for the purpose of marketing. 


Linkedin is the god of marketers who is running lead generation campaigns. It has more than 660 million users all over the world. 


Marketers know the importance of #Hashtags, as they help in increasing their visibility. These hashtags play a major role in Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 


Also, you should know that over 25m businesses all over the globe are leveraging Instagram for Business. 


People use social media platforms to find the answers to their numerous B2B sales questions easily. 


Campaigns did for informing your site visitors about your products or services when they left your site without purchasing. Retargeting helps businesses to target the 98% of visitors who don’t turn right away. 

You can also consider remarketing to increase the return on investment. It brings visitors who are left back to your site, it is one of the best ways to obtain high-quality B2B leads. 

In that way, you can develop your email marketing methods and persuade your current clients to buy more of your products or services. 

Automating Marketing Processes 

Marketing Automation helps marketers to automate their business processes. 

They can put their tedious and time-consuming tasks in automation software so that they can concentrate more on core tasks. 

You can use B2B prospecting tools to automate your email marketing procedures. 

Some of the most popular CRM software are – 

Examples of  marketing automation software include:

  • HubSpot
  • MailChimp
  • Pardot
  • Salesforce
  • Marketo

Influencer Marketing 

People who have a strong support group in your niche are called influencers. 

This is a type of marketing that includes product introduction, Promotion, and endorsements from the people who have social influence or specialized knowledge in your niche.


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