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How to avoid paper jams of laser printers and fix them!

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Paper jams are very annoying. If you have a laser printer, it’s important to know how to avoid them or how to get rid of them when they happen.

Laser printers can be expensive and need regular maintenance in order for them to work properly and not jam paper. (Find here which laser printer has the cheapest toner)

Paper jams make your printer stop working until they are fixed, which is time-consuming too!

This article will cover how to avoid paper jams with a laser printer. If you’ve already experienced a paper jam, don’t worry! We’ll go over how to fix it after we talk about how to avoid them in general.

How to avoid paper jams

There are a few steps to avoid paper jams of laser printers. Let see each steps of avoiding paper jams!

Steps to avoid paper jams

1) The first thing that you can do is make sure the paper tray has guides on it, and those are aligned.

2) Make sure that the paper is aligned properly in the tray and not crooked or pushed too far to one side, so it falls out quickly when you go to print a document.

3) Be careful how much paper you put into the printer at once because this can cause jams if there isn’t enough room for the papers inside the tray.

4) Always keep the printer door closed when not in use to avoid dust and other small particles from getting inside your printer, which can cause paper jams too!

5) Take out any loose pieces of paper or debris caught up in the laser’s way; this will help with how it prints documentation. So there is less chance of paper to jam itself.

6) When printing a document, make sure the paper isn’t too close to the edge of the tray. And also it is aligned how you need it so that when you print, there are fewer chances for jams.

7) If your printer has a manual feeder, then put in papers two at a time versus one by itself. Because this will make it less likely to jammed.

8) If your printer has two paper trays, be sure that when you put the papers into either of them. They are oriented how they’re supposed to and not upside down or sideways!

9) Make sure that if you have a duplexer attached to your laser printer, only use the manual feeder when printing on both sides of the paper.

10) The last thing to do is make sure that any loose pieces of paper or debris has removed from inside your printer. If they happen to be there; this will help with how it prints and can help prevent a paper jam.

How to fix a paper jam

If you think your laser printer may be experiencing a paper jam, then it’s important that you do these steps right away. 

You’ll want to unplug the device from any power source and leave it for at least five minutes so that all of the electricity can dissipate before continuing. 

It is also important not to open the printer while it still plugged in because you could shocked yourself.

Next, go ahead and take out all of the pieces of paper that have stuck inside your laser printer. This will make sure there isn’t anything left behind. Or any other surprises waiting for you when you turn on your device again!

After taking out all of the pieces, you might need to take apart your printer. There are usually some screws or clips that hold its various parts together. So make sure to check how it should take care of before taking anything apart!

After unscrewing everything and removing any paper jammed inside the device, carefully put it back together and turn it back on.


Paper jams with a laser printer can be frustrating and time-consuming. It is, however, possible to avoid them altogether by following the tips we’ve outlined in this article. 

We hope that you found these how-to-fix paper jams tips helpful as well!


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