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Avoid Common Technical Mistakes By Making One Easy Change That Will Change The Future For Your Gym Organization.

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If you are lucky enough to have not already witnessed failures to many day-to-day transactions as a gym manager or owner then here are some of the most common issues to look out for:

  • Insights – Hard to access the exact information needed at the time you need it. Multiple systems operating at different times making connections and devices inaccurate and slow.
  • Bespoke payments – Manual and complex to set up and manage, missing payments and deadlines are hard to chase and keep control over.
  • Help- Getting the help and support from each supplier can be challenging and time-consuming for everyone involved.
  • Time – Losing staff to carry out all of the above is an unnecessary way to use gym staff,  working in a gym should involve showing passion for fitness and be a customer-facing role, not all back office!

Now if none of these issues currently affect you then chances are you already have switched to using a new end-to-end gym management software but if these sound far too familiar there’s a good chance you are still using a  frankenstack system made up from multiple systems cobbled together.

The industry is forever changing and post Covid-19 the demand for a faster pace of change is more so than ever.

Regular gym-goers have even admitted to enjoying the break from the gym routine especially the monthly outgoing that it comes with. While all other efforts are being used to persuade them to come back they themselves may have felt the inconvenience caused by multiple use systems, but by being able to manage their bookings, classes, PT sessions, payment dates and accounts take the stress and inconvenience out of it for them and for you!

Your staff will no longer be wasting time chasing payments, creating bespoke accounts, and trying to guess information about members as this would be easily provided and accessible in real-time via one single platform. Helping build lasting relationships and providing the best practice every paying member deserves.

Saving staffing time is obviously important

And will in return save money but the real financial benefit comes with having failed payments and second payment attempts taken care of for you meaning you can manage your cash flow and claw back lost revenue.

The end of the pandemic is drawing closer and this means a lot of opportunities. The nation has fallen in love with fitness and self-care more so than ever before. With the help of new technology making it easier to manage your time at a gym along with up-to-date equipment available. To use and new rethought class timetables, what’s stopping any gym from suddenly becoming very inviting to prospective new members.

This will also help entice back any members thinking of leaving, after all. Most of us now have mini gyms at home now so the need to have more to offer current members is at an all-time high.


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