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Automation and industrial robotics to improve processes and results

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Both the improvement of processes and results are the two main objectives pursued by Industry 4.0, which has its two fundamental pillars in automation and industrial robotics. In addition to making its consolidation possible in recent years, it offers many other advantages and benefits.

In the panorama in which we find ourselves, improving production processes is necessary for companies. It will lead to an increase in productivity, efficiency, and, ultimately, quality.

And without a doubt, industrial robotics is vital to automating and improving processes. Therefore, also the results of a company. In this way, it is possible to take on even the most complex industrial revolution efficiently.

In fact, automation and industrial robotics go hand in hand, and their implementation is one of the main objectives pursue by industrial companies today.

What is industrial robotics?

Industrial robotics involves the use of technologies that improve the effectiveness of processes. Operations are optimize, reducing production times and costs, improving quality, and thus increasing reliability.

Specifically, when we talk about industrial robotics, we refer to the design and use of robots to carry out industrial processes automatically. Yes, you have read correctly; robots can carry out various industrial functions with high precision, without human intervention, or with minimal presence.

Definition of an industrial robot according to ISO regulations:    

That said, the main goal of industrial automation and robotics is to replace manual work with machines. Mainly to perform those repetitive and tedious tasks that take up a lot of time from workers. In this way, they can focus on other issues that significantly impact the company.

In addition, as technology has advanced and improved, it can perform these repetitive tasks by increasing efficiency, speed, and overall performance, reducing human errors, and increasing process control.

Likewise, it not only improves efficiency and productivity but also increases the safety of production and workers, changing human persons for intelligent robotic tools to perform delicate tasks that involve any risk.

In short, its benefits are innumerable, which in recent years has led to the use of robotics in the health, manufacturing, agricultural, food preparation, and security industries …

What types of industrial robotics are there?

Thanks to technological advances, there are different types of industrial robotics. Aimed at meeting the needs of every kind of industry and production model. It allows us to take advantage of the innumerable advantages that process automation offers:

Fixed industrial robotics

Fixed industrial robotics consists of robots programmed to perform the same task remotely. Although it may seem limited initially, the truth is that improved it is efficient for extensive production processes. Allows you to perform repetitive tasks with total precision.

Programmable industrial robotics

On the other hand, programmable industrial robotics is a type of intermediate automation. It allows the reprogramming of the software installed in the robot.

The main advantage of this model is that it allows you to reprogram a robot and configure it to perform different tasks. Therefore, it is very effective for production processes in which different variants or models must be carried out.

Flexible industrial robotics

And finally, there is flexible industrial robotics, which adapts to different product configurations. It consists of a series of stations connected to each other, operating independently, and controlled by a computer, allowing tasks to be carried out jointly and in an orderly manner.

The advantage of this robotics model is that it allows the interconnection of the robots. This encourages the exchange of information to coordinate the actions they carry out.

The importance of this to automate machinery in industrial processes

At ElectricidadBeviá, it is essential to achieve optimal automation of all the machinery participating in the industrial chain. For this reason, we are at your disposal, so your machines work for you.

We are specialized in carrying out and implementing projects in the field of programming, with which we manage to improve the quality of products. Reduce production times and improve the performance of industrial machinery and production processes.

Therefore, we can implement industrial automation and robotics in your company. Helping you optimize production efficiency and make your company more competitive in the market through customized machines that will maximize daily production.     

For this, we have a professional and multidisciplinary team that, previously. Will carry out a preliminary study to analyze the possibilities of automating the industrial processes of your company and, from there, will propose different solutions to automate all industrial activity.

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