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Authentication of Sink Roll And Cooper mould tube Technology

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Cooper mould tube founded Concast AG in the 1950s, form copper tube design and invention have evolved dramatically. SMS Concast, as a market pioneer, is uniquely positioned to meet your specific form copper tube requirements.

Personalised to your requirements

The proper form copper tube will significantly improve the quality of the billets in terms of surface, inner structure, and shape. At Sink Roll, we have the knowledge, participation, and expertise to produce the correct shape copper tube every time. Your goods and points are critical to us, and we will create a form copper tube that meets your high standards. You want to know that your form copper tube is up to the task in a section where precision and exactness are critical. Each SMS Concast form copper tube is manufactured from high-quality components using very precise manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge CNC innovation.

Assistance and renovation:

Correct installation and maintenance of your form copper tubing will extend its life and improve overall quality and efficiency. Each copper form tube is a cost-effective option that will last for a long time with our extensive maintenance and restoration treatments. Sink Roll can provide you with a quick but thorough examination of your form copper tube, and each spot inspection includes shape optimization so that we can propose the best course of action. If you need to replace your old copper tube, you may rely on a comparable or even better product.

We are now your steelworks master for the continuous casting of lengthy objects. For this, we constantly use the appropriate form tube and produce individual offers for you. Complex geometries can be constructed in addition to conventional form shapes. Please contact us at any time with any inquiries or offers. We make each form tube exactly to your specifications. SMS Concast AG supports your extension.


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