Are You Suffering From HIV/AIDS? Then Read This Article Till End

A lot of people these days are suffering from many diseases. There’s a lot of myth that people cannot be cure in some diseases, one of them is HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS can be cured and there are many who got cured by this disease with proper HIV training and consultations. There are many people who don’t have complete knowledge about what HIV and AIDS can affect their body.

HIV is a virus that affects our immune system. It is so dangerous that if not get cure on time then it can affect other parts of our body including skin, respiratory system and nervous system. This infection affects a person’s body in three stages.

Acute Infection: In this stage, virus enters in a large amount in blood, infections may vary from one person to another very easily. Symptoms may be asymmetric sometimes or flu like symptoms is mostly in common.

Chronic Infection: In this stage, virus may transmit to another personal very easily and the person suffering from it will not be much aware of the disease. Also, symptoms can last longer in this stage.

Third Stage (AIDS): This is the stage where person’s condition becomes very critical as infection badly damages the immune system of a person’s body. Click here to know more.

Well, if a person gets treatment on time, then there are chances that a person can be cure in second stage. Mostly people suffer from lack of money while having this disease. People die when they ignore their symptoms frequently. This should be cure as soon as possible. There are many grants which provide funds for people suffering from HIV/ AIDS. These grants are provided by Gilead COMPASS Initiative® which works in addressing HIV/AIDS epidemic to the people of South US. Collaborating with various local communities and organizations they conduct trainings and provide Gilead HIV resource to the people suffering from HIV/ AIDS. Visit here to check the resources.

Gilead COMPASS Initiative® helps many people in providing grants. These grants help people in curing their disease and talk about all the policies which comes under it. These grants support the implementation and development of programs and activities that address the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®.

About Gilead COMPASS Initiative®:

Gilead COMPASS Initiative® is made to help the people of South US with gilead hiv, trainings and collaborative learning.

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