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Are You Preparing For Scholarship Program? Read This Article

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Every year the US helps the students who are minority by providing them scholarships. Scholarships are for those minority students who are financially weak but are merit holders and toppers. They cannot afford the fees of college for under graduation for 2- or 4-years courses. This scholarship program helps those bright minds so that they can continue their studies further. For this, there are many financial aids. Example is scholarships for Hispanic students which are offered for only selective students. The competition of this scholarship program is very high as this is also considered as one of the national scholarship programs in the US. Usually, non-profit organizations take a step forward for high school students who plan to study for graduation in collaboration with corporate and communities. The funds are very limited, and competition is tough for students.

Some other beneficial Hispanic scholarships are also provided for students such as RMHC/HACER National scholarship also known as McDonald’s scholarship. Every year five students are selected based on their academic achievement, financial need, community involvement, personal qualities, and strengths as portrayed in their interview. Students who score atleast 2.8 GPA are selected for McDonald’s scholarship with a scholarship amount of$100,1000.

For African American students, there is BAM Scholarship also known as Black at Microsoft scholarships. This is an African American scholarship program for minority students of high school who pursue a degree of 4 years in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, or select business programs. Students need at least a 3.3 GPA to geta $5,000/year scholarship renewable for up to 4 consecutive years for a potential total $20,000 scholarship.

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About ViTutors:

ViTutors is an online tutoring site that will help you to find and experts for Microsoft scholarship and many other scholarships.

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