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Are you looking for scheduling and dispatching software?

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Are you wary of losing low-profit margins due to inefficiencies in scheduling and dispatching processes at your company? Are you tired of manually following up on your field teams, dispatchers and customers? On average, companies lose 30% of their profit due to inefficient route planning, scheduling, and dispatch mechanisms. 

If the problem exists, so do solutions. Many companies worldwide are using digital platforms and softwares to automate their scheduling, dispatching, and route planning and are experiencing an immense increase in their profit margins. The problem however is finding the right platform for your use case is a tedious, time-consuming, and costly process. 

Let me share a list of essential features that you should look for in any crew scheduling software. So, let’s start!

Uncomplicated Dashboard

The dashboard is one of the essential features that you must pay careful attention to while choosing the crew management software. Dashboards present your essential set of information to help you make critical decisions daily such as task, activities, and opportunities assignment, utilization of your crew and equipment, the workload of your resources on a given day, the progress of each of your tasks, and all the necessary details.

The key is that the dashboard must be easy enough to be understood by a layman. Besides, that dashboards must equip you with tools so that you can seamlessly drag and drop a task to reschedule or assign it to another crew member due to a sudden change in plans.  

This should come with the options of viewing the way you wish to view your operations,. A good platform would empower you by giving you the option of multiple views such as list view, calendar view, equipment utilization view, etc.

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Seamless integration with multiple applications

What is the purpose of adopting an automated tool if you still have to bear the manual labor to copy-paste data from applications such as calendars, emails, spreadsheets, account books, and CRMs? A robust schedule and dispatch software would allow multiple integrations with CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce, etc. 

Such integrations bring all the functionalities on one page and provide a seamless flow of data supercharging your scheduling and dispatch process to be efficient and error-free. 

Powerful Optimization Engine

Do you want to spend money on a solution that crashes down when it has just to optimize hundreds of queries? No! Right? No business operates without constraints. Therefore, each business wants to utilize its time, field teams, and equipment optimally. A field team management software must have the capability to run thousands of simulations to find optimal solutions without crashing the system. 

Flawless Communication

Customer retention is key to success for any business, and flawless communication is the most critical factor for customer satisfaction. With changing business dynamics, customers now want to be in the driving seats, be empowered, and at ease. A perfect crew scheduling platform would have features that would allow your customers to track their delivery easily, get automated notifications, and communicate with the field crew and dispatcher. 

Powerful Data Analytics

The business world today is the world of data. A company with a more profound understanding and use of data is way ahead of companies using conventional methods to make decisions. Scheduling software that provides you with tools to make data collection and analytics more accessible and presents the findings quickly to understand fashion should be your go-to choice. 

I would highly recommend you check out Arrivy’s scheduling and dispatch platform to streamline your operations and delight your customers. The platform equips you with easy-to-use dashboards, a heavy-duty optimization engine, a data analytics report to make informed decisions, and a job journal for two-way communication between the field team, dispatcher, and your customers.

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