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Are We Really Using Organic or Natural Skin Care Products?

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Branded skincare and cosmetic manufacturing companies flood the internet with their products labeled organic or natural and in a combination of both. But which ones are natural and which ones are organic and what is the difference between the two is quite perplexing. If you want organic hair care products online, you must know that these contain ingredients derived from nature.

What are Organic Hair Care Products?

Generally, a shampoo that we use contains a mix of surfactants to give the hair a good cleaning. It also has solvents, chemical conditioning agents, fragrance, and color for a marketing stunt. There are only a few green chemical products that are good for your hair. However, processed palms and coconut oil are used in organic products. There are also some of the ingredients like talc and sodium coco sulfate. Experts suggest there is a need to use chemical mechanisms to get hair care products. Many companies claiming to sell herbal shampoos contain synthetic ingredients boosted with raw extracts.  
USDA regulates what constitutes certified organic products. To qualify, ingredients inside the products should not have any toxic pesticides, synthetic herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. And if there are animal products, then they should not have antibiotics or growth hormones. However, it is shocking to know that there are practically no regulations to monitor labels or considering them “all-natural.”
In some cases, products might also contain ingredients derived from plants but are harmful to health. 

What are the ingredients found in natural makeup products? 

Natural makeup products are non-toxic, generated from plants, palm oil-free, and environment friendly with ethical sourcing policies. In ancient Egypt, women would use kohl. It is a substance that contains powdered galena, which would darken eyelids. Cleopatra is also believed to have taken baths in milk to whiten and make her skin soft. Clays were also would get grounded into pastes for cosmetics use in conventional African societies and aborigines. 

Now the cosmetic industry is a huge business, and it is using artificial and all sorts of ingredients like Emulsifiers, Emollient, organic pigments, water, moisturizers, thickeners, and minerals. All these are in a combination of the natural ingredients derived straight from the plants and animals. But certain companies are offering pure, organic, and safe naturally produced products. You can buy natural makeup products online.

The products claiming organic are plant-based and vegan adopts a natural approach and freshness of the leaves.

The solution to looking beautiful lie in our kitchen, and nature has blessed us with ample leaves, seeds, soil, water, air that we can extract to produce cosmetics for the looks that women have been aspiring for ages. 


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