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Are There Shades That Provide Privacy and Light Control During Day and Night?

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When choosing a window treatment, many people ask whether there is any shade through which they can see out but the outsiders cannot peep inside. The answer to this question is quite confusing – some say “yes” and some say “no”. By visiting the best window treatment store, you will find out the correct answer to this.

Solar Shades

There are some solar shades through which people inside the house can enjoy the view outside during daytime while  outside people cannot see inside. This degree of opacity depends on the weave of the shades. At night it is just the opposite. When there is light inside a room, everything is visible from outside. Thus, solar shades provide daytime privacy only.

Weave of the shading determines its openness, visibility effect, light control and privacy. From the best window treatment store, you will know that the fabrics of solar shades are marked in percentages that range from 1 to 25%. The greater the number, the more open the weave, thereby creating loose sheer-like fabric that allows maximum amount of light to pass through it, giving a clear view of the outside. The tighter the weave, the less visibility and light and greater will be the control of heat and glare and UV rays.

Different Factors Determining the Choice of Window Shades

  • Selecting the right percentage of shades depends on lots of factors among which the direction to which the window faces is a crucial one. For West and South facing windows, it is better to select 3 to 5% shading material since it provides optimum UV control and protection from heat and glare. For East and North facing windows, fabrics with 5 to 10%are best according tothe best window treatment store.
  • The color of shadesis also an important factor.For instance, light color shades offer more privacy than dark color shades meaning outside view is also less in the case of light color shades. But solar shades do not provide privacy during the night and day.

Dual Sheer Shades

Dual sheer shades are combinations of two shades into one, having opaque and alternating bands of materials for adjustment of privacy and light control. This is a modern shade with a clean appearance and is a great option for modern and updated homes.

Hence, there are shades in the best window treatment store that provide day and night privacy. You just have to choose the correct combination.


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