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Are Copy Perfumes Actually Good?

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Copy perfumes have garnered a somewhat bad reputation in the market simply because they’re replicas. But what exactly is the truth behind it? Are they actually bad? Or is it just a placebo that has people disliking them? Let us enlighten you on whether copy perfumes are actually good. The quality of a good copy perfume can be determined using four factors:

  • How much similarity does it hold in comparison to the original product?
  • Is the scent strong?
  • How long-lasting is it?
  • How good is the sillage?


The notes of all perfumes determine the similarities they hold with the original product. The notes determine the smell that a perfume produces. This is why having similar notes like the original product is important. When you apply a fragrance, the top notes are the first scent you’ll notice. Because this aroma dissipates quickly, it is important to note their presence.

The middle notes are secondary. They can be smelled once the top notes fade away and a stronger smell comes forward.

The base note is composed of the fragrances that emerge as the perfume interacts with your skin. This can take up to an hour to happen. When using Eau de Parfum the scent can last all day.

Knowing which notes make up a perfume allows you to compare different scents. All you need to do now is figure out which notes your favourite designer perfume contains. Then you can compare them to the notes in perfume replicas.


Natural oils are an important component of perfumes. Natural substances are used to extract oils. Jasmine, sandalwood, rose petals, and vanilla are just a few examples. Oil is extracted from these elements. These oils are then mixed in various combinations to produce the different smells that all perfumes have.

All perfumes have a varying strength. It all depends on how much oil is used to compose the fragrance. A higher percentage of oil means a higher and stronger aroma. Eau de Parfum is made up of 10% to 20% perfume oils on average. Eau de Toilette, on the other hand, has a concentration of 5% to 10%, while Cologne has a concentration of 2% to 5%.


Longevity, like intensity, is influenced by the concentration of scent oils. But it’s about a lot more than just concentration. The type of skin you have has a huge impact on how well the oils in the perfume react to your body. Perfume does not last nearly as long on dry skin as it does on oily skin. It can also be influenced by the chemical composition of the oils being used. Simple chemicals, such as those found in citrus notes, degrade quickly and don’t persist as long as more complex compounds. Notes with more smokiness can last for days!


Sillage is the trail that a perfume creates when it is worn on the skin. For instance, when you enter a room and someone instantly notices your perfume, it means the perfume has a good sillage. It means that the aroma travels fast in your surroundings. An expensive perfume won’t necessarily have a good sillage. It all depends on the oil concentration.

Why Should You Buy Fake Perfumes?

Match Fragrances copy perfumes are all Eau de Parfum. They’ll be even more intense because of the higher concentration. We only believe in providing our customers with the best quality products. All of our luxury brand-inspired perfumes ooze class and quality. Try out our Wood inspired by Oud Wood and 540 inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 as they’re some of the most top-selling replicas available at Match Fragrances.


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