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Are Autonomous Cars Safe? The Safety Challenges of self-driving cars

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Self-driving cars are here to stay, and as America competes in the market to make driverless automobiles, more and more car manufacturers are making cars with different advanced features. According to research, self-driving cars are projected to cost a fortune in the future. Even consumers today seem to like the idea of autonomous cars. However, how safe are they? In the real sense, self-driving cars will be operated without human involvement. It will be the use of a certain level of AI technology as well as the use of radar and lidar sensor technology. The main question remains; are self-driving safe to be on the roads? These cars still face various safety challenges, and technology gurus are working on them to ensure the automobiles are safe for everyone. Here are the safety challenges that self-driving cars have to overcome.

Weather Conditions

Weather is still a major challenge for autonomous cars. Just like humans, the sensors on the car cannot work effectively in snow, rain, or fog. The cars are still under testing to see how they will behave in different weather conditions. Most of the self-driving cars have been tested in fair weather conditions, and research is still being done to determine how to overcome the weather challenge.

Traffic Issues

Whenever there is traffic congestion, self-driving cars might not be able to maintain their grip. You are more likely to experience cases or rear-end collisions. This is because the slow movement may not make it easy for the car to maintain a safe distance.

 Sensor Limitations

Self-driving cars use a lot of sensors to ensure they are aware of the environment and avoid obstacles like pedestrians and other vehicles. They need lidar sensors to detect the distance between them and other objects. They also require radar sensors to detect the speed and direction of other objects as well as tracks. There are still issues with these sensors, and without them, there will be no accuracy. Therefore, people might have to deal with one self-driving car accident after another. Remember, the sensors are still susceptible to weather conditions, and this is a challenge that is yet to be overcome.

Traffic Rules and Regulations

Before self-driving vehicles are released on the road. There need to be new traffic rules and regulations. Remember, human beings can read the signs on the road but not the robots. So, if these vehicles will mingle with the normal ones, the governments will require setting new traffic rules. Furthermore, there must be the decision of whether the car should be fitted with special buttons for various functions.

Cyber Attacks

Cyberattack cases have become rampant over the years. Today, cybercriminals have another level of knowledge and technology that is assisting them to carry out their malicious deeds. Self-driving cars still face the threat of cyberattacks. There is still a chance that cyber attackers could take over the vehicles, and technologies have to be improved to prevent this.

Final Thoughts!

Self-driving cars will occupy the cities in the end. However, manufacturers must ensure that they are safe enough to be on the roads. The above are some of the safety concerns that manufacturers are still working on. However, people might be in for something amazing in the future.


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