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In the event of a power outage, an APC 2200 battery or an APC Smart-UPS 2200 battery can continue to provide power to your equipment. Your UPS will switch to this battery power until regular power is restored. If there is a prolonged power interruption and the battery may not survive that long, it can at least allow the user to save important data before the equipment shuts down. This can also give time to switch to another source like a generator.

With that said, it’s clear that you need to monitor the status of the UPS battery, which is an important part of the unit, in order to get the best performance possible. APC Online Store In Pakistan has equipped its products with LED indicators that automatically light up when it detects that the battery is deteriorating, and this gives the owner a margin of about two months to replace it.

Sometimes the LED indicator can cause a false alarm. To be sure that the battery really needs to be replaced, perform the following process while the UPS is connected to your computer:

  1. use a SmartSlot ( APC Online Store In Pakistan ) accessory or the PowerChute software to check the battery voltage. Your Smart-UPS battery usually reaches a full charge within 3 hours. When full, the voltage reading should be about 55.6 VDC or 27.6 VDC, but this really depends on the model. The approximate battery voltage can also be determined by looking at the battery’s LED bar graph. After charging for 3 hours, all LEDS should light up. If this is not the case, click on “Test UPS Alarm” to check if the battery LEDS are all working properly.

If the above conditions are not met, it is possible that the battery charger is defective and needs to be replaced. If these conditions are met, check step 2.

  1. Make sure that the device is charged for at least 3 hours, but 24 hours if possible. Remember that these devices charge batteries whether they are turned on or not. It continues charging even when a device is plugged in. However, if the power quality is poor, it is recommended to turn off the devices during this charging period. As long as the UPS can supply power to the devices while they are powered on, it is possible to automatically switch the battery power, which may increase the charging time.

Press the “Test” button to start the self-test. After that, the LED indicator should go out.

If the LED indicator remains lit, it is possible that your APC 2200 battery already needs to be replaced. Don’t be surprised if it’s been more than 2 years. If less, call the manufacturer’s technical support team and you may get a free replacement.

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