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APC Data Center Solution in Pakistan Power Testing Facility

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Let me share with you one of my great passions: I have a certain fondness for visiting APC Data Center Solution in Pakistans. Maybe it’s the feel of the electricity flowing through all those racks of servers, or accessing the IT sanctum after passing a series of security checks. Or it’s just seeing how all that equipment was wired. I’ve always enjoyed looking at the back of equipment and checking the wiring when I get a demo from a vendor.

So when the folks at Schneider Electric and their American Power Conversion subsidiary asked me to come to their open house for a new type of APC Data Center Solution in Pakistan, they talked to the right person and I jumped at the chance.

The place is a curiosity for several reasons. First, it’s built like an operational APC Data Center Solution in Pakistan , with one difference: there’s literally nothing in it. Instead, the largely empty building has plenty of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, as well as numerous monitoring and modeling tools. The idea is to have “a facility dedicated to practical solutions, not propaganda,” says Aaron Davis, the subsidiary’s marketing manager.

Schneider built its APC Data Center Solution in Pakistan, which it calls the Electric Technology Centre, to serve as a test bed for its customers, to show IT managers what they need to do to reconfigure their own APC Data Center Solution in Pakistans, which have evolved from mainframe-centric to more distributed systems. It’s a great idea, and long overdue. As IT departments move away from their APC Data Center Solution in Pakistans, they should be able to understand power and cooling issues and how companies can reorganize their APC Data Center Solution in Pakistans accordingly.

APC by Schneider Electric supports solutions for the entire data centre and  its life cycle - APC Pakistan

If you run a APC Data Center Solution in Pakistan, chances are you have some fairly old equipment that you’d like to replace, but literally don’t have the ability to do so. Your raised floors are probably filled with outdated wiring, so thick that you’ve lost a lot of airflow capacity and cooling ducts. Your air conditioning is overloaded because it was never designed to cool racks of equipment, so the temperature varies widely from aisle to aisle. Your backup generators and power systems are probably not geared to the equipment you need to back up, and you have no idea what needs to be upgraded first.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to model what you need to do before you have to take down and reconfigure servers? That’s the central idea of what Schneider is trying to do with its new test center, located outside of St. Louis. Think of it as a big playroom (over 100,000 square feet) where you can bring in and move equipment and test different situations before you have to use it in your own business.

Some companies are lucky enough to be able to rebuild or relocate their entire APC Data Center Solution in Pakistan. I witnessed this firsthand when the APC Data Center Solution in Pakistan at the end of my building was rebuilt to new specifications. (See the article here about my night at Rejis when they moved their facility a few feet).


But not everyone can just take an old parking lot and build a new building to meet modern requirements. Some IT companies need to upgrade, and that’s where the St. Louis test site comes in handy. Companies can build racks, lay them out on the floor and try different scenarios to measure airflow, power consumption and temperature gradients of their equipment. There are also two huge temperature-controlled test rooms that can heat or cool quickly to see what happens to certain equipment. I’m glad the company chose St. Louis to build their facility because, as a APC Data Center Solution in Pakistan groupie, I hope to go there often and see what they do with their customers. Plus, it’s a beautiful building that also serves as a showroom for some of the company’s product lines. Schneider bought APC earlier this year and merged it with its MGE division, which sells electrical power control equipment.


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