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Antler Chandeliers – Add Charm to Your Dining Room

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Antler chandeliers are an outdoor lighting fixture that many people have given a try. If you like to go out into the woods often and love to hunt, consider one of these hanging lights. They give off the same kind of rustic lighting as a real light from the forest. There is something about the way they look, and the natural glow they emit, that really makes them stand out.

To compare antler chandeliers in size, check out the photo chart on the website. Be certain to get the correct size for your room by following the Rules for Finding the Right Antler Chandelier Size with these guidelines in mind. The dimensions of the housing should be compatible with the wattage listed on the fixture, which determines the amount of light your fixture will produce.

Large antler chandeliers aren’t just for deer hunters.

Other wildlife enjoy the calming effect they create. Birds, such as hummingbirds, cavity nesters and other small birds enjoy looking at the large antler chandeliers in the yard and watching them dance and shine. Even cats enjoy staring at these sheds and taking in the light.

Smaller antler chandeliers still provide the same relaxing effect, but they may be hung from smaller areas, such as a lamp post or a wall mount. Smaller antler sheds, such as elk antlers, are popular. Elk antlers are harvested from the antlers of mature elks. Unlike deer antlers, elk antlers don’t shrink. When the light is cast off the elk’s body, the light is reflected back and then the shed becomes larger.

A medium to large antler chandelier could be made of several different types of antlers. However, if you have a large shed, it wouldn’t hurt to have more than one large antler chandelier to brighten up your yard. If you have many antlers to use, it makes sense to put them together in large groups.

Antler chandeliers can create a warm ambiance in your home.

They add an element of art that reflects the rustic and primitive beauty of our American heritage. A chandelier is one of the most eye-catching accessories that you could add to your home. Adding an antler chandelier would truly enhance any dining room. You’ll be surprised at how many uses antler chandeliers have.

The great thing about antler chandeliers is that they’re very easy to install. Antler sheds are made out of large pieces of rawhide, and these are typically sold in large kits that come with the complete instructions on how to put them together. Some sheds require only some hardware, while others will require a few more pieces of hardware. The amount of hardware needed depends on the size and type of antler chandeliers you buy. Smaller sheds will need less hardware, while large antler chandeliers will need more screws and nails.

For a cozy feel in your dining room

Add some antler lighting. It brings the natural outdoors inside. When decorating your home, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice function for form. You can use antler lighting to make your home stylish and elegant, but you can also use it to great effect in your dining room. A chandelier with antlers is a great way to combine the two.


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