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Antique Jewellery For Your Wedding Day

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Choosing the right pieces of antique jewellery for your wedding is an important step. There are many different kinds of antique jewellery, from vintage rings and necklaces to brooches and bracelets made centuries ago look beautiful on your wedding day. You might even find pieces of antique jewellery that you love so much you want to pass them down to your future generations!

Check the originality of jewellery

So what should you be looking for in antique jewellery? There are a few things that are important when you’re choosing this type of jewellery. The first thing you need to be sure of is that the piece you’re looking at is truly a piece of jewellery and not just some pottery or stone. The best antique jewellery will be authentically made and will have the same intricate designs and stones that the original pieces had.

Variety of vintage jewellery

Vintage jewellery can have a variety of different looks because it has been around for a long time. Look for pieces with intricate designs and details that look like they were made yesterday. Look also for vintage jewellery that has been created from authentic stones. You may be able to find a vintage piece that was made from real gems that are still gleaming today. Some vintage pieces also carry precious gemstones set into them.

Vintage and modern designs

A great option for vintage jewellery is to find a piece with both vintage designs and a modern look to it. If you select vintage rings or necklaces for your wedding, look for a piece that has a modern design as well. Jewellery designers these days often create pieces that come with a feminine design on one side and a more masculine design on the opposite. By doing this, you can have a totally unique wedding ring or necklace that is also ultra-refined and elegant.

Consider the overall jewellery theme

Another idea when it comes to antique jewellery for your wedding is to add it to your overall jewellery theme. Look for pieces that have a similar motif to the colours you will be using for your ceremony and reception. You can also look for pieces that have a classic look but have been enhanced by their designer counterparts. For example, you can find antique earrings that feature tiny diamonds set within intricate rose gold settings. This is an especially elegant addition to a vintage themed wedding.


Antique jewellery is often quite affordable. If you are looking for a simple but elegant piece, consider buying a vintage necklace with a small sapphire in its handle. If you would like a more modern piece, then you can also find lots of great options that are made from crystal and other precious stones. Make sure you know what kind of style you are going for before you go shopping so that you can get just the right piece. Antique jewellery is a great way to dress up any outfit and it is easy to incorporate it into a vintage-inspired look for your wedding day.


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