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Antique and Vintage kerosene lamps History and Home Decor.

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Antique Kerosene lamps Home Decor.

A lamp decorates the interior of a room. It gives your room a beautiful and stylish appearance. The kerosene lamp made recently is the Antique kerosene lamp that is available for purchase in the market now. Featuring an unique style and a superb design of old kerosene lamps, these are becoming widely popular among the people. Most of the time, kerosene lamps are used in emergencies when there is no electricity. These ones have the disadvantage that you need kerosene for them to work properly. Otherwise, they are the best way to light your home.

A brief history of kerosene lamps.

About 1800, after the invention of modern oil lamps and the production of kerosene, people needed a way to use these lamps outside. To control air flow around the flame and protect the oil lamp, glass globes and wicks were used. However, the work was to be done outdoors, where these lamps could be broken easily. A safer, more sturdy light source was therefore needed. Kerosene lanterns, also known as hurricane lanterns, were subsequently introduced. The lamp is designed to be portable and is designed to be more rugged than a kerosene lamp. To prevent the glass globe from breaking, they are composed of a metal base that holds the fuel and side tubes that secure the fuel.

Throughout the early 1800s and into the 20th century, these lamps were used for a wide range of purposes. In addition to lighting homes and barns, these lamps were used on ships, railroad cars, early automobiles, and on horse drawn carriages as well.

There were several types of kerosene lanterns available. One was the dead flame lantern. These were designed to eliminate or minimize the draft which reached the flame. These are also known as non-tubular lanterns. They consisted of a series of baffles inside the top, above the globe, and a series of bottom draft holes, that were positioned so no top draft, or wind could blow directly on the flame. These were often used by the railroads as signaling lights.

Another type of kerosene lamp was the tubular lamp. These contain a ducting system to stabilize and enhance the draft of air reaching the flame, creating a stable, wind resistant flame. They are further divided into the “hot blast” and “cold blasts” styles.

The “hot blast” lanterns are constructed to supply air into the base of the lantern, which is heated by the flame. A portion of the hot air rises into the canopy over the globe, and is pushed by a downdraft through the side tubes to the air chamber beneath the burner supplying the flame. Hot blast lanterns produce a yellow flame.

The “cold blast” lanterns are constructed so the supply of air through the side tubes, does not mix with heated air from the flames. The flame is supplied with fresh air, both through the globe plate and the side tubes. This produces a white flame, and twice the volume of light as a “hot blast” lantern. The most famous manufacturer of tubular lamps, R.E. Dietz, still manufactures lamps today, although his company has moved to Hong Kong and China.

The use of kerosene lamps decreased during the depression. Today most uses for kerosene lamps are supplied with flash lights, and outdoor lights. Kerosene lamps are often collectors items.

Today’s lamps and Antique Lamps of Past.

The newly made ones that are available in the market do not need kerosene oil but it only need lamp oil. These oils are much better than the kerosene oils as they don’t have any bad odor or smell. These ones are also cheaper than the kerosene lamps. Two types of antique lamps are seen one is wick and the other is the pressure. The antique kerosene lamps are not only easy to use but the light it provides is great. Most of the antique ones that uses kerosene and other fuel sources. These are very elaborate and the way they are being manufactured is simply outstanding. You can decorate your interior with the modern lamps and lanterns that are in huge demand in the market. There are various antique dealers who can provide you with the best ones in a reasonable price.

If you are trying to purchase the antique lamps than it is better to buy the wick lamp. According to some people’s view the wick lamp is much better than the pressure lamp. The glass ones help you to know the level of kerosene so it is better to buy the glass lamps. The pressurized kerosene ones can flare up any time that could be dangerous for the user.

Kerosene Lamps Auctions.

If you want to find a specific type of lamp that is more rare and unique than the others that are on the market today, then you should look at Auctions or simply search for kerosene lamps for sale. There are many collectors and antique dealers online that will be willing to sell you lamps that are rare or hard to find. Antique and vintage kerosene lamps can make beautiful decorations or even a conversation piece. They are great for sprucing up an antique room with something unique and different. When you are looking to decorate your home, you will not only find the benefits of using these types of lamps, but they also have their own beauty and value.


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