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Anti-Counterfeit Solutions for Better Brand Value Protection

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The Covid 19 pandemic left everyone sitting at home. Some people were absolutely free and became workshops for the devil. With the advent of the internet in our lives at a deeper level, the chances of counterfeiting are higher than ever – especially for brands that have established themselves slowly and steadily. This leads to the search for anti-counterfeiting solutions for brand protection. Well, we have some good news; you don’t have to worry as we bring you an excellent option to watch out for unethical brands that can copy you illegally – Let’s Verify. 

What is Brand Value Protection? 

The concept of brand value protection comes beyond a product’s monetary and physical worth. The foundation of the same is build upon ideals of consumer faith, hard-earn reputation, or a status form. These are the very aspects that counterfeiters think of as their prey. If you wish to protect the operations of your brand, then you must opt for brand value protection. There are tools make in such a way that they work in inconsistency with an ever-evolving anti-counterfeit approach. The basic idea behind all this is to protect and safeguard clients’ interests and educate them. 

What is the general strategy?

The strategy followed by anti-counterfeit solutions includes the digital product’s overall goal and the brand’s protection. It is always better to have an adaptable strategy and plan measures for the future. All this must be derive from an analysis of the real-time verification data that includes markets, distribution, etc. the general strategy is design in such a way that it defines the level of protection give, when and where the protection solutions must be introduce, which user groups should be involve and how to communicate with the market and the users/ potential users. The protections are use for specific segments that are conveye to them. 

Which anti-counterfeiting solutions do you need? 

To prevent the chances of product counterfeiting, you need to be ahead in the game with the right kind of anti-counterfeiting solutions. T It would be best if you always opted for the smart road by incorporating product traceability solutions to safeguard your brand against counterfeiting practices that are unethical and unfair. There are certain strategies that you can apply to prevent counterfeiting. They are mentioned below:

  • Always work with suppliers and traders that are trustworthy and have a good reputation in the market. 
  •  Once you receive the raw materials, you must check them for verification. It is essential to go through all components for good legitimacy. Along with this, you must also ensure the authenticity of the goods by monitoring and inspecting them on time.
  •  The next crucial step is to prevent the number of waste products produced. The disposal of damage and unusable goods should be prioritize to avoid unethical use. 

Some other essential anti-counterfeiting solutions include conducting in-house audits to understand the processes you lag behind in and could use some improvement. Through audits, you can understand the legal protection of your goods and services. Another important advice that comes in handy when you want to put product traceability solutions to use is educating your customers. If your customers are educate about the kind and the condition of the product when they buy it, then counterfeiters will not be able to fool them. Last, you must refrain from sitting quietly if you see your brand being counterfeit. Instead, it is crucial to take legal action to stop such work.

A legal counsel with experience in the field will take all steps to prevent your brand image from tarnishing. Illegal price gouging and infringing activities can be stop by legal methods. If you seek legal help at the right time, you can trace the counterfeiters from their source and conduct an in-depth investigation. Once you can trace them from the source, they can be punish following the law. 

What are digital warranty solutions? 

Companies are moving towards digital warranty solutions to provide perfect consumer services and get counterfeit products out of the way. These are primarily ‘digital instances’ of warranties. A technology-backed warranty is a sure-shot way to perform well in the market for brands and get 100% consumer satisfaction. Mentioned below are reasons why brands and companies are opting for the same: 

  • With a digital warranty, processes seem more smooth and more transparent. 
  •  Consumer engagements have improved with digital warranties as it connects all ends of a product’s life cycle effectively. 
  •  Most of the warranty-relate attributes are done over the internet, making the warranty data accessible to the manufacturers. 

One of the key things to remember is that you must be consistent and build your brand’s credibility and standard. Only then can you stand out from the others. If you follow a standard visual design and style, you can automatically reduce the chances of counterfeiters aping you. The fight against counterfeiting is ever-evolving and will continue until counterfeiters stop doing this illegal and unethical work. Whether digital warranty or anti-counterfeiting solutions, it is important to engage with customers, which in turn helps draw loyalty.

If you are looking for anti-counterfeiting solutions for your brand, you must check out Lets Verify, your one-stop solution for all fake and counterfeit products. They give you a platform and medium to empower brands to connect, protect and trace their products. Using their end-to-end cloud-based systems, they have solutions to all your counterfeiting problems! 


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